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Video Interview with Hosts of Pool Party in McKinney, Tx Busted Up by a Gun Wielding Cop in a Frenzy

E Johnson (@ejohnsoniv on instagram @ejcreoleboy on twitter) interviews 19-year-old Tatiana and...

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Business News Southern Company executive Chris Womack, honoree Curley Dossman, Congressman Sanford Bishop, and Perennial Strategy Group CEO Lamell McMorris at the seventh annual Evening of Excellence in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Aaron J./

Southern Company and Perennial Strategy Group Host the Seventh Annual Evening of Excellence

Washington, DC – On Friday, September 18, 2015, and Perennial Strategy Group...

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International Civil Rights Center & Museum Announces Plans for ‘Pride of HBCU’ Exhibit

Greensboro, N.C.,- In July 2015, the International Civil Rights Center and Museum...

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Award Winning Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin Takes The High Road In Response To Recent Scene In The Premiere Of FOX Show Empire

Los Angeles, CA – There’s no explanation or understandable reason for the actions people take under the guise...

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Old fight, New dance: Black Lives Matter Pole Dance Performance Video Tribute

Los Angeles, CA – Dance has always been a catalyst for empowerment. As a powerful tool of artistic...

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Connie Tucker , Muhammad Siddeeq and You


By Lucius Gantt – I recently attended the home going services for Connie Tucker, a true revolutionary in...

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Pope Francis’ Message of Compassion: Service for the Common Good by Marc Morial


(To Be Equal #37)New York – Like “power,” with compassion comes great responsibility. So much more than a...

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The Value of Labor by Marc Morial


(To Be Equal #34) – Despite the dizzying array of clearance sales and bargains to be found in...

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