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Rally For Knowledge, Not Degrees

Rally For Knowledge, Not Degrees


Lucius Gantt
Lucius Ganttt- The Gantt Report
The Gantt Report by Lucius Gantt – A good friend of mine, Rev. Greg James founded the “1000 Men Rally”, the Florida version of the Million Man March, three years ago and when he asked me to write a Gantt Report column for the event’s magazine. I was excited and happy to do it.

Recently I’ve been staying away from marches and so-called civil rights gatherings because many such events are advertised as “Black community” activities but when you get there the audience could masquerade as a mini-klan meeting. Only the speakers that were allowed to speak were those that were acceptable to Black community exploiters and oppressors.

Anyway, I decided to attend the Youth Empowerment meeting affiliated with the rally but I felt, in some respects, way out of place.

While I love Rev. James and many of the speakers and event participators, what I heard the speakers tell the young Black men in attendance was the same message that slave masters gave to young slaves.

“If you learn what I tell you learn, do what I tell you to do and act like I tell you to act, I’ll consider you to be a good slave and I’ll give you a god job. Instead of picking cotton in the hot sun, I’ll let you rake leaves!”

The youth were encouraged to get an education if they truly wanted to be “free”. I beg to differ. Going to school and getting diplomas, degrees and PhD’s won’t make you free in today’s world. Going to school will make you more “trained”!

What our young Black boys, girls, men and women should strive to get is wisdom and knowledge!

It’s true. Blacks were the first doctors, engineers, astrologers and philosophers. All of Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffet’s money can’t find and pay a college graduate that is smart enough to build a pyramid. Black people were “college educated” before there was such a thing as a college education!

The Egyptian pyramid builders didn’t have diplomas and degrees. They had knowledge.

In America, there are people in every city that have diplomas and degrees that can’t find a job.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with going to school and completing graduation requirements but you have to be wise even after graduation day.

Corporate crooks really like workers with college degrees but they will kick those college graduates to the curb as soon as an uneducated, but smart, person comes through the business door that can make the businessman more money.

We African Americans just have to put the education thing into perspective.

Our society is not an education society, it is a capitalist society and the less educated self-made millionaire is always going to be more interesting, more liked and more admired than the fool with the doctorate degree.

Everybody won’t go to college. Everybody won’t even graduate from high school. But everybody can be smart. Everybody can make money and everybody can be a contributor to the Black community and to the society at large.

Doctors, lawyers, athletes and entertainers make good money buy huge houses and drive expensive cars but leaders of drug cartels make more money, commodity traders make more, inventors make more and many other people make choices that will make them more money than so-called educated folk.

When we have Black community events, let a variety of people speak to the youth. Young people are not as dumb as you may think they are. Young people can even teach a thing or two to us older people.

I’m not impressed by titles and degrees, I’m impressed by strength, courage, wisdom and sincere community service.

I’m impressed by people that are smart enough to survive even when the modern day overseers prefer that you be jobless and homeless.

At the next 1000 Men Rally someone should be allowed to speak that can tell young people that success is the best revenge and a good goal is to be successful in whatever academic or professional endeavor that you choose to attain including or excluding a devilish inspired education in a poor school with poor teachers and few real opportunities. (Become a fan of The Gantt Report on Facebook. Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” or contact Lucius at www.allworldconsultants.net)