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Death of the Birther Movement

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

By Chuch Hobbs – Kudos to President Obama for issuing his birth certificate for all to see and inspect. When I first read the news I laughed out loud, thinking that the president finally got fed up with the “Birthers” who remain convinced that he was born in either Kenya or Indonesia, and lest we forget, is a Muslim.

Hopefully this will put this fake issue to rest for good. Hopefully, I say, amid reports that nearly 40% of Republicans believe that the president is not an American by birth.

Maybe I’m a skeptic, but I find such polls misleading in that I know far too many Republicans who privately believe that the “Birthers” are nut-jobs—the same types that believe in UFO’s and the Easter Bunny. Or more succinct, many “Birthers” are too cowardly to say what they really mean—which is that any non-White Anglo Saxon Protestant Male is a foreigner, a distinction that would eliminate women, blacks, Latinos, Jews, Catholics, Mormons and Native Americans from being viable “American” presidential candidates.

Still, I remain skeptical about the 40% number because no one has ever called my home or cell phone to ask my opinion. Simply stated, statistical numbers can be and often are manipulated.

Still, while most Republicans that I know silently cringe at the “Birthers”, silence is acceptance to an extent.

Hopefully, the president’s production of the actual certificate will embolden more conservatives to act like adults and tell the children among them “enough!”

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