Home Headlines Washington Prep High School Presents FAME, The Musical Despite Financial Crisis
Washington Prep High School Presents FAME, The Musical Despite Financial Crisis

Washington Prep High School Presents FAME, The Musical Despite Financial Crisis


Washington Prep Presents FAME, The Musical
Los Angeles – In the midst of possible charter takeover, fiscal crisis and pending teacher layoffs, the students and staff at Washington Preparatory High School continue to prove resilient. With a determined resolved that ‘the show must go on’ the educational inner city haven has announced the production of the legendary play, “FAME, The Musical.” Bolstered with a two year $55,000 grant from Success Through The Arts Foundation (STTAF), a long time supporter of performing arts at Washington Prep High School, the school continues to defy the critics, with groundbreaking art productions and teaching programs.

“FAME, The Musical” will be presented May 6, 7, 13 and 14 at 7:00 pm with a special matinee performance on Sunday, May 15 at 3:00 pm. Washington Preparatory High School is located at 10860 Denker Avenue in Los Angeles. Tickets are available for purchase at the school or by calling the school at 323-418-4042.

“Fame” is the spring production for the Washington High School Music Magnet Program. The modern day classic is based on a movie about New York’s’ famous High School of Performing Arts. It chronicles the lives of a group of talented students who are seeking fame by learning their various disciplines under the watchful eye of some of the best teachers in the country. Ironically, the story parallels Washington Preparatory High in a life imitates art fashion. The cast of over 40 students are being instructed by some of the best teachers in the state of California. The actual production is especially bittersweet for many of the teachers who are facing possible layoff as a result of the local district’s budget problems.

“In the spirit of Broadway,” asserts assistant principal and executive producer Jacquie Augustus, “we are determined that the show will go on and our kids will get at least one more chance to showcase their talent and shine! The “Fame” production is a great opportunity for the community to continue to support our arts program and hopefully, through the support of voters and the local community, we will continue to be able to change lives and impact the future of these promising youth via the arts.”

“Success Through The Arts Foundation is extremely pleased to be able to provide funds to Washington Prep to safeguard its performing arts programs,” adds board president, Andrew Garb. “We know from our own experience with Washington Preparatory High School that enriching the students’ educational experience by including performing arts will provide the self esteem they need to be successful high school students, go on to college, and become adults who are a credit to their community.”

The Success Through the Arts Foundation’s grant will benefit not only the school’s theater productions, but also their After School Conservatory of Music, Thelonious Monk, Filmmaking and Bee Bop to Hip Hop programs. The school will receive a new stage design program and a facelift grant to finish the auditorium renovation program. Overall improvements and upgrades include new stage lights and sound systems added to the theatre, along with new curtains, scrim, carpeting, new electrical and lighting for the house and the foyer.

In addition Washington Preparatory High School has just been approved to expand the New Music and Performing Arts Magnet Program from 150 students to 400 students enabling all the students in the Los Angeles Unified school district to now apply.

Living the Debbie Allen maxim, “Fame costs and this is where you start to pay,” from the original film, “Fame,” Washington Preparatory High School continues to beat the odds. Defying stereotypes and limited thinking, the school itself is ultimately the show that must go on!

To show your support for Washington Preparatory High School and for more information about the school and events, log on at http://www.washingtonprep.org or call Jacquie Augustus, Assistant Principal at 323-418-4042.