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RACIST OR NOT RACIST? Black Man Claims $300k House For $16

Okay, since it seems that many people think everything that happens is either racist, sexist, or some other ist, I decided to use my blog to weigh in with MY OPINION. That’s right, it’s what I think because in actuality, unless it’s obvious racist talk like that of Michele Bachman and her crew, only the people involved know if they were motivated by race. So I will call it Edrea’s racism meter. RACIST OR NOT RACIST?
I found this one on NewsOne. In this instance Kenneth Robinson researched a provision in Texas law and is hoping to get secure an abandoned home worth $300,000 for $16.00. Needless to say, the entire neighborhood wants him out.

I don’t believe it’s racial. I think the neighbors are worried about their property values. Not because he is Black, because he is attempting to get something for nothing. I’m not mad at him. People (even me) look for foreclosures to buy at a reduced rate, why not take advantage of the economy and go for squatters rights. If he keeps up the home and lawn like the rest of the neighbors they will probably leave him alone. However, if he won’t invest in utilities I doubt that he will put much into the upkeep of the property. I am sure that if the neighbors do some research, there will be some way to get him out if he doesn’t take care of the property.

That said, I believe that his race doesn’t help the matter and the neighbors will work harder to get him out because he is Black. If he were White they would probably complain but not work to get him evicted.

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