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STOP the HYPE, we GOOD! – violence in urban communities

STOP the HYPE, we GOOD! – violence in urban communities


Carl DeWayne West
By C. DeWayne West (TBTNewsService.com) – I, like all of Americans have been bombarded with images and editorials on violence in urban communities all across this country. And lately the spot light has been brightly shining on Chicago’s over-hyped crime spree.

The daily papers, the networks and cable news organizations are cashing in on sensationalized coverage of murder, rape and drug offenses. They compare crime in some neighborhoods as destructive as some terrorist spots in Iran and Iraq.

This is totally absurd, but it helps to drive advertising to those media outlets and sell newspapers. And money is the only thing that matters in today’s world of creed. Actually, that’s what most crimes are committed for – money, power and respect. So what’s the difference between white collar criminals who wipe out families’ retirement savings and future college tuitions? And crimes that cost thousands of jobs because of a few people’s obsession with GREED!

Anyway, that’s another story. The issue at hand is perceived violence that is so-called destroying the Black communities. This is a false and alarming statement made by so many smart and insightful news organizations. A recent study announced that less than 3% of violent crimes occur in America every year. So, with that being said, why does talking heads act like crime happens in over 50% of urban and rural areas?

Yes, death by any means is a terrible feeling for the families and loved ones. But the one thing I refuse to accept is that my race, the Black race is an endangered species. And whoever continues saying that should be kicked out of the race, and left to find a new place to live, work and play.

On the statement of live, work and play, that’s what all people do within their race within their exclusive communities. They hurt, steal and rob where they live, work and play. So when whites are murdered, it’s likely committed by another white. When a Latino is killed or struck by a drunken driver, it’s a 90% chance it was done by a neighbor, since most communities are segregated and people mainly stay within their hoods. And when an Asian person is shot down or stabbed, you can believe the assault was done by another Asian.

That’s the way the world goes. Violence has always been a part of America’s culture and it will always remain. That’s why they build prisons and other institutions to house criminals and unlawful citizens. The best we can do is pray and educate our loves one to the violent nature of our society and teach them to be instinctive in their travels and associations. Most importantly, be kind and patient with your fellow man. Peace and one love.