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Racist or Not Racist? Black nurses not being allowed to take care of white patients

According to WSBTV.com, four black nurses are suing their nursing company because they say black nurses are not being sent to take care of white patients. In their lawsuit the nurses claim that this is a violation of their civil rights. Read the full story here at wsbtv.com.
In my humble opinion, I think it would be a violation of my civil rights if I was hiring a nurse and forced to take someone that I have a problem with. There are a lot of people that don’t want foreigners or other races taking care of them – if they are paying that’s their prerogative. Now if this is a program like Hospice or a similar service paid for by Medicare the patient will need to take what they get. However, they still have a right to ask for a new nurse. As the caretaker for my mother and father I’ve was sent nurses that, for various reasons, I had to call the company and ask them to send a different nurse. I think we all have a right – especially when we’re sick – to be particular about who comes into our personal life and takes care of us and our loved ones. If the person does not like black people, white people or ghetto folks, they have a right to say so and the agency has an obligation to their client. Consequently, the agency would hire and make assignments according to their requirements. To do so is NOT RACIST.

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