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New Book, It’s In Your Hand!, Provides Roadmap for Struggling Readers

New Book, It’s In Your Hand!, Provides Roadmap for Struggling Readers


(www.its-in-your-hand-readinghelp.com) is a long awaited instructional roadmap to teach the fundamentals of reading and writing to children and adults. Written by Nori Rem, a former school principal and dyslexia interventionist from Houston, Texas, it was developed specifically to address the needs of students who struggle to read. The techniques outlined in this 248 page book are designed to benefit any student with gaps in their reading skills, including students with reading disabilities, second language learners and students with dyslexia.

Sadly, many students spend years struggling to read using limited or ineffective resources. After years of observing students laboring to read with inefficient learning materials, Nori began to develop her own instructional materials and strategies. It’s in Your Hand! is the product of her determination to provide all students with the tools necessary to learn to read.

While it is true that there are numerous educational books on the market, many touting miracles, few of them reach students on more than one sensory level. It’s in Your Hand! is multi-sensory, and it delivers scaffolded and individually-paced literacy instruction. When students use the strategies in this book, they are engaged on every level, auditorily, visually, tactically and physically. Furthermore, when students participate in multi-sensory instruction, research proves that multiple pathways and synapses in the brain are opened, and information is more likely to be retained in the brain’s long-term memory banks.

Parents and teachers will begin to see immediate results, and not just academically. Students will also begin to experience enhanced levels of self-confidence, as well as their reading and writing abilities. It’s in Your Hand! is based on scientifically based research principles, in addition to a compilation of hands-on classroom strategies used with real students. When students believe in themselves, there is nothing that can stop them from achieving.

It’s in Your Hand! is intentionally written in plain language so that parents, teachers, teacher assistants or tutors can immediately begin using the seven step method. The strategies specifically target each of the essential reading elements and are appropriate for students of all ages. Although current research shows that students who fail to become good readers by third grade will most likely never develop into strong readers, with intensive intervention most students can become effective readers. Without targeted intervention, statistics demonstrate that students tend to fall farther and farther behind and are more prone to become high school drop-outs.

There is nothing complicated about using It’s in Your Hand! because it is written in plain English. In fact, I Universe has designated It’s in Your Hand! as an Editor’s Choice and a Rising Star due to the excellent content and presentation.
The struggling reader in your life will feel the immediate impact of using multi-sensory instructional methods that were designed to address the way children, adults, or second language learners learn best. What better gift can you give, for so little cost, with such a big impact? Get your copy of It’s in Your Hand! today!

For additional information or to order your copy, Nori Rem can be contacted at:
Email: nori@its-in-your-hand-readinghelp.com
Website: www.its-in-your-hand-readinghelp.com