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#WeSawWhatYouDid – NYPD Suffocates Man Who Helped Breakup Fight – Video via @eurweb

(Eurweb.com) – If it were not for a video that recorded the NYPD officers who piled on top of a New York City man that they insisted on placing in a choke-hold and ended up killing him when he couldn’t breathe beneath the weight, this would be a case of their word against all the people who witnessed it.

But as they say, pictures do speak louder than words, and the police department may have a hard time getting out of this one.

Supposedly, the police suspected Eric Garner, 43, was selling untaxed cigarettes, a big deal in New York, when they apprehended him. But Garner had just broken up a fight between two other men, who had fled by the time officers showed up, leaving them with no one to arrest but Garner.

They placed the 400-pound man in a choke-hold and proceeded to slam his head against the pavement; piling on top of him as he gasped for air and repeatedly told them he couldn’t breathe.

The entire incident was caught on video from a witness who kept telling the cops that the man had not committed a crime. Read the full story at EURWeb This-N-That.

After watching video of the horrible incident above go one step further, no matter where you are, and FLOOD the website and offices of the NYPD with your letters that say hashtag #wesawwhatyoudid. Tweet, facebook, instagram the message far and wide #wesawwhatyoudid!

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