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Michelle, A Phenomenal Woman – Poem by Anita Smith

Michelle, A Phenomenal Woman – Poem by Anita Smith


She strutted with confidence and with such a flare
All kinds of hairstyles and gorgeous African-wear
Michelle was so proud of who she was and the country from her start
A phenomenal woman, a person with a heart
Poised, gracious, photogenic with most beautiful smiles
That was Michelle’s through her life’s trials
A woman who had some difficulties in life from the beginning
But learned through struggles how to begin winning
Michelle shared her story with people to help lessen their load
Repeated her journey to help all walk a straight road
Phenomenally, Michelle helped many people in need
For shelter, encouragement, or a heartwarming deed
And no matter what her personal troubles or kind of strife
Michelle gave so much love to help people with life
I witnessed women who Michelle gave helping hands
Many coming near and far during illness to help Michelle as loving friends
To be hopeful, supportive as she had given kindnesses to them
And together they shared tears, smiles, and tales to spin
Michelle loved music and sang like a joyful bird
Community involvement- accolades deserved
Loved the Mary Kay business for making women feel that glow
From head to foot and ready to go
A humorous person with such laughter galore
So humble and grateful for those she’d adored

A legacy in her own accomplishments during the hotline night
Michelle helped women to grow and fight
With positive self- esteem, confidence and her walk with the flare
To get rid of domestic or substance abuse- to help them care
So many stories about Michelle and helping people rid dope
Tearjerkers, heartbreakers, stories of encouragement and hope
This phenomenal woman always thinking of family pride
Always worried for others who stood by her side
Caring, loving Johnny , keekee, kids and hoping for a chance to live
Longing and dreaming for more time and love to give
Honest, looking and memorizing special faces
And what it would be like to have no traces…
Of Michelle, the phenomenal woman
Who will be in everyone’s spark of the heart
Especially, Ulik who gave his all till she did depart
But a miracle happened that night so dear
Grandbaby was born while Michelle joined God , always near
Embracing Michelle with His warm loving arms
Casting away the things that did her body harm
And so for Her Johnny, family members and partner, Ulik
We all know how phenomenal Michelle was and so unique!
She’s passed the torch to women, friends and family and wished she could be here…
But grateful, appreciative she was loved oh so dear!

Michelle, Our Phenomenal Woman