Home Entertainment Former Death Row Records Exec Launches Lydia Harris Entertainment with New Project: Judgement Day
Former Death Row Records Exec Launches  Lydia Harris Entertainment with New Project: Judgement Day

Former Death Row Records Exec Launches Lydia Harris Entertainment with New Project: Judgement Day


Houston, TX – The Legendary Lydia Harris, who first came to our attention as one third of the infamous triumvirate responsible for launching one of the most successful record labels in hip hop history, Death Row Records.

Not one to bask in past glories or wallow in defeat, Ms. Harris is looking forward. Her Death row experience was really just dress rehearsal for what lies ahead. Her time is now. The launch of Harris’ new label, Lydia Harris Entertainment, heralds in a new dawn, a new day, a day of reckoning – a “Judgment Day.” It has taken some time, but Harris has finally come to terms with the cruel reality that “as the bottom began to fall out at Death Row – “EVERYONE” involved either escaped, were paroled, or were summarily executed. People who she’d loved and trusted, in the end, revealed themselves to be “greedy, unworthy of trust, unworthy of loyalty, and undeserving of love.” After 16 years of jail visits and total devotion, it became clear that the deck had been stacked all along, she had been “out maneuvered and betrayed” by the very people she had never even once been unfaithful to while she had been “Married to the Game!”

Today, Death Row Records is no more. Creditors, along with some of the shadiest most avaricious vultures in the game, have “picked the carcass clean.” Michael Harris has been re-incarcerated by the Federal Government, and Suge Knight is currently facing a life sentence for his alleged involvement in a murder that was captured on video. In a game of survival of the fittest there is but one left standing… Her name is Lydia Harris!

Having put the past behind her, allow me to reintroduce Ms. Lydia Harris. She is so much more than Michael (Harry O) Harris’s ex-wife. She is no longer who the industry’s Svengalis wanted her to be. Lydia Harris is so, so much more than the caricature that bloggers have created.

Lydia, who always smiles these days, admits that losing everything was difficult to accept at first. However, she opines that, “Everything is a matter of perspective. I could have easily looked at my situation as the end. I chose, instead, to joyfully approach all things as new beginnings granted by the Almighty Creator.”

And what great new beginnings have there been; Lydia, returning to her home in Houston, TX, has become a certified chef after graduating culinary school. Unforeseen circumstances required her to close her restaurant, Daisha’s Soul Food, affectionately named in honor of her daughter from whom she draws inspiration and strength. Today, she runs a mobile food truck and owns a successful catering company. She takes great pride in “turnin’ and burnin,” as she puts it. She is a published author, an accomplished film producer, and a soul-stirring motivational speaker. “There is something cathartic and healing about coming clean and baring it all to women who might find encouragement from my grand experience.” She does all of this and still manages to make it to her daughter’s tennis matches on weekends. Whew! When queried on how she’s able to do so much, she winks, takes a page from Jay Z, and quips, “Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week.”

Harris says that she is in a great place in her life. “This,” she declares, “allows me to return to music – more focused than ever.” Judgment Day is the first project to be released on Ms. Harris’ new imprint, Lydia Harris Entertainment, distributed through Universal Music Group. The album is scheduled for a November 2015 release. Many are surprised that Judgment Day is not an “either” coast album. It is actually a cornucopia of fresh sounds from all over the country. Artists came together to add a fusion of different flavors to the mix. The first single “Jam,” is a collaborative effort with the budding young artist, Iesha, and Snoop Dogg.

Ms. Harris, briefly reflecting on her time in the entertainment business, professes that Judgment Day is very special. She saw this project through from start to finish. “If you must judge me,” she insists, “you should first get a glimpse of just who I am and what I’m made of.” Harris is highly respected in music industry circles, such music business stalwarts as Sylvia Rhone, Kevin Black, and other executives of note are eagerly lending their support to the “Judgment Day” album. Kevin Black, who has been a regular judge in the “Judgment Day” talent searches, excitedly declares, “I’m so happy to see that ‘Lyd’ has finally come full circle.” He admits that not very many people have what it takes to make it in this business. “Lydia Harris,” he insists “has it in spades.”
Connect with Lydia Harris: LydiaHarrisEnt.com

*****NOTE TO MEDIA: Ms. Harris is available for interviews contact: MsNicciCarter at gmail.com