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Five questions Black Voters Should Ask Sen. Bernie Sanders


By Lauren Victoria Burke (MSNBC.com) – Sen. Bernie Sanders is looking to make inroads with African-American voters.

The campaign has embarked on a tour of historically black colleges and universities and has engaged with Black Lives Matter activists and activist turned mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson. On the trail, Sanders has spoken candidly about discrimination against communities of color, and he’s touted his racial justice platform.

Though it is too soon to tell if these efforts will lead to African-American voter support, the campaign appears to be putting in more than just casual effort. But as the race between Sen. Sanders and former Secretary Clinton heads to South Carolina, there should be a call for specific answers on the federal policies Sanders would have to consider if he were to become president.

Here are five questions African-American voters may want to hear answers on before casting their votes.

1. Why haven’t you been active on justice reform issues in the Senate until very recently?

Sanders only became a co-sponsor of S. 1056, the End Racial Profiling Act of 2015, late last year despite the fact that the legislation has been offered in every Congress for the last six years. Read the full story here.