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Take a Risk and Become a Job Creator

Take a Risk and Become a Job Creator


By C. Dwayne West, CEO MG Media – The National Urban League’s Job Report was recently released, and it highlighted the horrible JOB disparities between blacks and other racial groups. The numbers are not surprising if you understand this country and their continued disdain for a begging people.

Yep, that’s exactly what I said – BEGGING people. When a race of people continue to plead with the very people who oppressed them, there is something inherently wrong with those people. Regardless if the government owes black people much, at what point will Negroes realize that there are NO plans or even a consideration in providing restitution for hundreds of years of neglect.

What is your Passion Position? Find it and put forth an effort to build your own reality. Take a risk and get out of your comfort zone or from behind your stagnated work desk and attempt to control your own destiny and start a business that can become a JOB creator. If we want to witness the collective of black people progressing and see communities erected from concrete jungles, we must think about and execute creating JOBS.

We can’t keep begging other companies, organizations and our elected officials — nationally and or locally to do something that they have no desire or the will to do on any huge scale. Politicians are people who need the people to continue begging them for support. This in return, will create a rotating cycle of starving people who’ll vote for them, in hopes that they will feed a hungry people, crumbs. No disrespect to any local officials, especially the ones that I know. But we can’t continue to see our community being ignored and shoved aside when city, state and federal government funds are used to upgrade our highways and byways, and black people are missing from these job sites, as well as are not being included in multi-million dollar contracts.

The hidden hands of power ripped-down projects and erected entire communities and black folks got displaced. The hidden hands of power were literally saying, ‘get lost and never come back. You’re not wanted, nor can you now even afford to live in these newly constructed cities within the city!’

Therefore, what the black community needs is the black community to focus more on JOB creation. How many times must we sit around having pity-parties with loved ones, friends and family members being out of work for six months to one year or more? These people are skilled and have been in the work force for decades. They are the very people who should get together with other unemployed individuals to collectively partner their savings for JOB creation, instead of begging folks who really don’t want them to work or survive.

This is a very crucial time in all of America. With JOBS going overseas and companies streamlining their workforce because of the rise of technology and innovation, it’s absolutely important that each American, especially black folks, find a new paradigm in how they will not only strive, but survive as they attempt to provide stability for their families for years if not decades to come.

JOB creation, any kind of JOB creation, whether it’s two JOBS, twenty-two JOBS, to one hundred and two JOBS, creating viable work environments in the communities that you live, work and play should be JOB number ONE! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.