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African American Voters Have Had More Than “Enough” Of Trump’s Divisive Rhetoric


New radio Spot part Of a multi-million dollar buy in Ohio, & in Partnership with AFSCME in Florida, & North Carolina

Priorities USA is releasing a new African American radio ad today called “Enough” that features a litany of Donald Trump’s divisive and offensive rhetoric towards African Americans, including perpetuating the racist birther conspiracy theory against President Obama, and refusing to disavow former KKK leader and current white supremacist David Duke.

The spot declares any of these instances “would have been enough” to disqualify Trump from becoming President. But taken together? “Donald Trump, we’ve had enough and now we’ll vote to make sure that you never become our President.”

“Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign and career he has repeatedly demeaned and insulted African Americans and while any one of these instances would have been disqualifying, the full menu of divisive and offensive actions mean we need to work harder than ever to ensure he never becomes our President. From calling the first black president’s legitimacy into question to consistently dismissing all that African Americans have accomplished, enough is enough, and Priorities USA plans to hold Trump accountable to ensure that he never becomes President of the United States,” said Justin Barasky, Communications at Priorities USA.

“Enough” is part of a multi-million dollar buy running in Ohio and in partnership with AFSCME in Florida & North Carolina.