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Black Men in America

Black Men in America


By C. Dwayne West, MG Media – As a black man first, then as a media company, it was my privilege to have received a special invite from the Minister, and my responsibility to attend the Honorable Louis Farrakhan’s Savior Day speech yesterday at the Mosque.

A lot of words were expressed and some were intended for the thousands of people in attendance, only. And other words will come out, I’m sure, because mainstream media was deep in the sanctuary. The one thing that was very impressive, and this is why I don’t believe the hype about black boys being lost and out of control. And if everyone believes that propaganda, then why ain’t CPS, prison reform advocates, social service overseers, sending their at-risk youth to the Nation of Islam? Because there were hundreds of teenage and young adult black boys who lined the walls looking strong and ready for success.

No Rahm Emanuel, no Bruce Rauner, no Hillary Clinton, no Donald Trump, no elected official, no so-called business or spiritual leader; and sorry, not even Rev. Jackson or Sharpton can command the kind of following that Farrakhan and his organization has garnered from young and older black men in this country. And these black brothers are productive, fathers, and husbands. They’re impressively mechanical and built for battle!

This ain’t about Farrakhan’s beliefs or views about government or crooked America, it’s about one Godly man leading a nation of real men. And what is it about other black wanna-be leaders who continue to ignore him and are afraid to embrace or associate publicly with the Minister? That’s a real question to ponder!

I’ve mentioned it before; I have love and admiration for the Jewish community. I also have undying love for my black community, whether they’re Christians, Baptist, Atheists, Gays, Lesbians, or the Nation of Islam. Therefore, I don’t know what the BEEF is all about between these two powerful entities (Jews and NOI). And honestly, I don’t care! I want for all of God’s people to acknowledge that black folks in this country have been used and abused. The question is who’s gonna stand up and lead the challenge to rectify this most serious concern?

The America that voted for President Barack Obama thought he would heal and change the world for the better. Barack is a beautiful and caring man, but he failed at bringing a more perfect union. Not because he didn’t try or wanted to, but the hidden hands of power are very comfortable with the organized chaos, known as America. It looks confusing on the outside but behind the scenes it’s business as usual.

And certain folks in this country do not want America to produce another super educated, sophisticated black man with gangsta swag, accompanied by an intellectual wife and gifted children. They wanna put the Obama Genie back in the bottle! That’s why there is poison in the water in Flint, stop and frisk, mass incarceration, the shooting of black boys and men by police; but most importantly, the denial of adequate living conditions, the lack of jobs, excessive poverty, and poor educational institutions.

These social ills–ultimately influence lost and confused black boys to create unorganized chaos that result in death and destruction from within. This is the pressing issue for black men in America! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..