The New Play Book

The New Play Book


By C. Dwayne West, MG Media -If black folks are ever gonna get any real form of reparation or what can look like that pay check that Dr. King spoke about, then blacks everywhere will have to operate their agenda the exact same way Donald Trump orchestrated his campaign by taking a strong stance and approach towards change!

What he did was be what these new billionaire ‘Tech Revolutionaries’ call being a DISRUPTOR! Trump’s entire campaign was a call-to-action against the status quo and machine politics. And for blacks, who’ve always over the last five decades been foolishly following the status quo, mainly within the Democratic Party, now is the time to stop being the forgotten group! This is a party who has failed Negroes terribly by pushing millions of blacks into prison, massive poverty, and has locked them out of the real American dream with flawed government assistance programs and a refusal to provide adequate funding to build black communities.

The Democratic Party is weak and should be dismantled. Imagine, this is the exact same thing political pundits said about the Republican Party. They thought Trump was intentionally turning the Elephant on its head, leading it to a sure defeat on November 8. The Donkey party continues to take black people for granted. But this time they also took most of America for granted. Unlike black folks, middle America made them pay, terribly. And for the record: Hillary Clinton has no one to blame but herself! She was not Obama…. and the President couldn’t make us believe she was–not even close.

This defeat shows me one thing that I already know: that reality show television reigns supreme. Trump knew the mindset of TV junkies because he delivered propaganda to millions during the years of him headlining what was a number one rated show for NBC. He also knew from his travels across the country that people truly hated Hillary. And he stayed on message with that.

Bruce Rauner won the Illinois Governorship with the same direct and straightforward campaigning that was used in Trump’s miracle victory. So again, I recommend that black people stand their butts up and don’t be afraid to challenge this corrupt system. As Trump said during one of his black parade stops, “What do you have to lose?” Trump disrupted the normal flow of politics as usual. And post-election, Democrats have either been silent or telling scary tales of how the world will end. I wanna see their next moves since they believe the boogey man has arrived!

I wish I had the ambition or the taste to be a politician. I would use the Trump play book and go directly after Rahm Emanuel with a run for Mayor. He’s damaged goods. He’s deeply embedded into the status quo. And his policies and investments have only been good for the rich and elite downtown boys and girls. Here’s what’s laughable, Rahm stated in a post-presidential election press conference yesterday that he wanted to remind Trump that he’s now President of all America.

How ironic from a Mayor who has treated the black community like the plague. Look at the wards in black hoods versus communities where the white population are the majority. How can he look the people in the face and make such a damning statement? He said that this election was a referendum on people being left out. His administration has left out so many of my folks. And for those who’ve asked, this is the problem I have with Emanuel, right there!

I pray that the person who steps up to challenge his two-terms on the fifth floor in 2019 will have the guts to go head-to-head with him the exact same way Trump destroyed his Republican opponents during the primaries and finally his massive beat down of the Clintons. If a candidate follows the play book designed by Trump, this person would not need much money. The media and others, especially the hood, would use social media to hammer the challenger’s message the same way mainstream media provided Trump with daily unpaid coverage.

This is something I can’t wait to see and write about. Because it’s time that the black elite and status quo politics in Chicago are brought to their knees. All they wanna do is play in the glossy sand box with Rahm while he forsakes the communities in which they once lived, worked and played in. I’m not fooled by the flashy smile and jovial personality. Nor am I frightened by his power. Rahm, I wanna see real results for black folks! Is that too much to ask?