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This 56-Year-Old Grandmother Is Proof That Pole Dancing Knows No Age


By Tweety Elitou, xonecole.com 2008 and 2009 were two years that hit Makeda Smith (flyingover50.com) like a speeding train.

Again and again. The real estate market crashed, causing her to lose dozens of properties in the process. Due to financial setbacks, she had to file for bankruptcy. The IRS came knockin’ and she was audited. Shortly after, her home was foreclosed and her car was repossessed. Her man wasn’t man enough for her, and left her for good. She had to give up her dog, too. As her life turned completely upside down, Makeda found herself suffering through more losses than she thought she had the strength to bear.

Again and again. Loss after loss.

fo50While others might have crumbled, never having fully realized the power of their strength, under this tremendous pressure, this woman was determined to rise up not only the ladder of success, but also the pole of success. In fact, it was the pole that ultimately led her up the proverbial ladder…

For some, pole dancing is how they make their money (stripping, go-go dancing), for others it has become a way to get in shape and live a healthy and happy life. Makeda definitely falls more into the category of the latter. Although Makeda Smith has made it rain in the club a time or two, it is purely something she does as a hobby, she doesn’t undress, and she has not quit her day job!

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