"On Our Way -Strength In Diversity"



The Georgia Coalition of Black Women (GCBW) joins the growing list of organizations urging the Augusta National Golf Club to open their membership to women.  The Coalition is dedicated to the advancement of Black women and is widely known for promoting the “Ballot Power of Women” and other initiatives that strengthen the political and economic position of Georgia’s women. 

According to GCBW executive director Rita Samuels, “it is time for all men to understand that women will not be denied their rightful place in the boardroom or on the greens.”  Samuels plans to join the National Council of Women’s Organizations and the National Organization of Women in mobilizing for the planned protest at the Maters Golf Tournament on Saturday, April 12. 

“I will join my sisters in struggle and I am proud that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, of which we are a member, a has stepped forward to provide leadership demonstrating that this is about justice,” said Samuels. 

Activists have charged that the Augusta National Golf Club is not a private club but a Georgia corporation doing business under the brand names Augusta National Golf Club and Masters Golf Tournament. 


For additional information on activities for the the Georgia Coalition of Black Women, Inc. call (404) 584-9605.



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