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Women across the globe have greatly impacted the shape of the world as we know it today. This influence in business, education, politics, athletics, etc. often goes unnoticed in modern culture. In an effort to ensure that the contributions of women who have impacted the State of Georgia, past and present, are not forgotten, Delores P. Aldridge, Ph.D, Emory University and Rita J. Samuels, Founder of the Georgia Coalition of Black Women, are currently developing "The Resource Guide to the Social and Economic Thoughts of Georgia Women", an unprecedented collection of biographies about women. The piece will be a valuable educational reference for students, scholars, libraries, and businesses.

Georgia women sketched in this first volume, all living, include executives, officials and individuals in government, business, education, religion, journalism, civic affairs, fine arts, law, medicine, civil rights, sports, music, theater, motion pictures, television, manufacturing, transportation, etc. In all, it seeks to present a comprehensive picture of achievement by Georgia women of our time.

Wherever women’s achievement has touched Georgia’s progress and culture, The Resource Guide to Social and Economic Contributions of Georgia Women has attempted to identify these individuals and document their contributions.

This guide will serve as a source of research information that will be available in periodical form and through an on-line database which will be continuously updated. As such, it will provide a base for benchmarking the direction of further research and policy formation.

We are pleased that the support by the Georgia Legislature has been joined by major private organizations and institutions throughout the state.

This compendium is designed to serve the varied and special needs of our state’s libraries, schools, universities, businesses, media and research organizations.

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