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Since 1995 we have made major strides towards “bridging the divide.”  Following are a few accomplishments we are most proud of:

  • We have provided free website development and hosting, and technology consulting and training to over 60 African American organizations, businesses, and artists, including:
    Southern Christian Leadership Conference,
    The National Coalition On Black Civic Participation,
    Georgia Coalition of Black Women,
    Center for Democratic Renewal,
    The Negro Spirituals , and
    The Benjamin E Mays National Educational Research Center.
  • We mobilized the Black Community in Phoenix Arizona for the first legally sanctioned online elections ever by setting up computer access in barber shops, churches, and community centers allowing people to register and vote online.  Their efforts contributed to a 1000% increase in voter turnout.
  • Through a strategic partnership with the Benjamin E. Mays National Educational Resource Center, a non-profit organization supported by retired Black college presidents providing training and activities designed to bridge the “digital divide,” Dogon Village provides  20 computers and computer training classes for youth in low income areas of Clayton County Georgia.
  • Through our partnership with the Ben Mays Center, we created four EcoCyberCenters establishing Internet access for underserved African communities in Benin, Ghana, Senegal and South Africa. The project promoted linkages between African and US youth and promoted environmental sciences through an online curriculum.
  • We traveled to the Netherlands to cover the  “United Nations Conference on Climate Change.”
  • From 1997 – 2001 we produced and distributed the Dogon Village Annual Guide to Multimedia booklet and CD-ROM with information on products, services, sites, software, and other new media technologies.
  • We have covered, and actively participated in a number of African American events including the annual Democratic National Convention 2000- 2012,  “Spirit of Democracy Awards,” “Drum Major For Justice Awards,” the “African American Heritage Tour,” “Black Youth Vote! GOTV Black College Tour,” BET Awards,  and the “Soul Train Music Awards.”