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"Serving Notice, I Resign by Deya Smith-Starks"

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I give up, I canít do it anymore. If I were on the ďApprentice,Ē Donald Trump could not fire me fast enough because I quit! I have never been a punk, running away from difficulty. And I think Iím a good actress, but the role of Florence Nightingale is too big for me. I yield; Iím taking off the super savior cape, and turning in my papers.

If you need to be saved, donít call me, I need to be saved myself. The only advice that I can give you, is to call on the one that Iím leaning on; call Dr. Jesus. Unlike me or any other human being, heíll never leave nor forsake you. Sometimes as human beings we take on more burdens than we can bear. We take on other peopleís problems which can overwhelm us and get us off of our mark. How can you rescue anyone else when youíre frazzled and burned out? I donít mean to sound selfish but I am, and my resignation is long overdue. Thatís why Deya the deliverer is off duty. I hereby, officially resign as the Project Manager of other peopleís drama.

Unlike Florence Nightingale, whoís been credited with revolutionizing the field of nursing, I have never been a nurse. And unlike Christ, I have never died for anyoneís sins. So why do I continue to do the impossible: That is helping people who wonít help themselves? Iím simply not equipped. Do any of us have the ability to make someone do what we want them to do, if thatís not what they want? This may be one of lifeís hardest lessons. You cannot control other people and to try is simply futile.

Let me keep it real and simple. As a wife, I cannot force my husband to clean up the house. As a daughter, I canít force my mother to agree with my opinion about her business. As a friend, I canít make my girlfriend leave her man. As a mentor, I canít make a young lady take school seriously. These examples, while simplistic, can go much deeper with our lifeís issues.

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Deya is the author of an exciting upcoming book titled Politickiní 101: Girlfriends-Style! A former Miss Black USA, this writer, actress, producer, motivational speaker and political activist; Deya can be heard daily on XM Satellite Radioís The Power, Channel 169, and is co-host on the nationally-syndicated radio program ďOn The Phone With Ti-Rone,Ēí produced by Babysitters Productions. For speaking engagements or for more info on Deya Direct! Contact: Deya or

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