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" Announces The Richest People in Hip Hop Rankings !"

[Previous entry: "Serving Notice, I Resign by Deya Smith-Starks"] [Next entry: "NAACP Says Lynching Resolution Long Overdue"], known for its explosive mix of entertainment news, hip hop and pop is turning up the heat again! Editor/ publisher Myra Panache has released the site's " The Richest People In Hip Hop!" rankings.

"I think our readers will be surprised, not so much by who made the list, but at estimates of their wealth. Hip hip is indeed big business, and our top ten list says it all!" reveals Panache. "We relied on research, sources in the financial and accounting industries and what the stars have accumulated in regard to their business empires."

"For instance, Jay-Z barely edged out P. Diddy because our research indicated, both men own profitable record labels and clothing lines but Jay-Z also owns an percentage of a NBA franchise, Armadale Vodka and his nightclub (40/40) is expanding," expounds Panache.

It's a man's world, even in hip hop with Jay-Z ( $320 million ), P. Diddy ( $315 million) and Russell Simmons ( $300 million) topping the list, while hip hop matriarchs Queen Latifah ( $50 million) and Missy Elliot ( $40 million) weigh in as the richest women in hip hop.

Here's the full list from

1. Jay-Z, $320 Million

2. P. Diddy, $315 Million

3. Russell Simmons, $300 Million

4. Damon Dash, $250 Million

5. Dr. Dre, $125 Million

6. Ice Cube, $115 Million

7. Neptunes, $100 Million

8. Eminem, $75 Million

9. 50 Cent, $60 Million

10. Nelly, $55 Million


1. Queen Latifah, $50 Million

2. Missy Elliott, $40 Million

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