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"N'COBRA welcomes Wachovia Apology - A Step in the Right Direction"

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The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA) welcomes Wachovia Corporation's recent admission of their affiliates' role in America's Holocaust of African Enslavement. Wachovia Corporation's admission of guilt, apology and stated willingness to work with community organizations are very important first steps in the atonement and reparation process. N'COBRA's national campaign calling for America to atone for slavery and its after effects requires two basic steps a)acknowledgement/apology and b) restitution/ reparations. Apology without an effort to correct or improve the damage caused is not sincere.

Wachovia Corporation's admission of complicity in the enslavement of African people is a direct result of the vigilance of Reparations activists, researchers and politicians, particularly those who have championed legislation requiring companies seeking to do business with city and state governments to disclose records of participation, investment in, and profiting from the enslavement of African people in the U.S. We praise N'COBRA activists and N'COBRA affiliates such as the Black Reparations Commission, National Conference of Black Lawyers, Republic of New Africa, African Peoples' Socialist Party, National Black United Front, as well as the Nation of Islam, December 12th Movement and the Restitution Study Group, to name a few. Some of these organizations have been on the frontline of the Reparations Movement for over 30 years. We honor organizations, and all the individuals who painstakingly researched the role of governments, corporations, churches, and other American institutions, in the American enslavement of African peoples. We urge our elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels and grass roots Reparations activists to take even bolder steps to move the Reparations agenda forward. Victory is certain if we never loose sight of the importance of our ongoing efforts to organize and mobilize for support of our demand for Reparations.

While material gestures of good will from individual companies is a step in the right direction, N'COBRA seeks full and complete reparations for all our people and will continue its work until that goal is achieved. We will move forward cautiously and methodically as we engage the descendants of those who participated in and profited from our enslavement.

N'COBRA urges African descendants to recognize the difference between material offers of good will and reparations. We urge African descendants to hold firm to the demand for full reparations, as companies come to the table to offer some form of redress. As a Coalition of organizations and individuals united for the sole purpose of achieving Reparations, we seek justice for our ancestors' enslavement and resources for repairing and healing our community of the vestiges of slavery so we may be self-sufficient and self-determining. We sincerely believe that any corporation that is truly interested in atonement or forgiveness will be willing to:

1. Partner strategically with Reparations organizations with a demonstrated history of connectedness and involvement in the modern day reparations movement; and to further the goals of the reparations movement by supporting the work, projects, and ongoing infrastructure and leadership development of those organizations;

2. Establish a special Grants Review Committee made up of Reparations Activists and community leaders of the people to ensure the participation of grassroots community organizations and representatives in the distribution of any resources, and the monitoring the use of those resources to ensure effectiveness; and

3. Support the passage of Congressman John Conyers' H.R. 40 bill for the purpose of establishing a commission to study the impact of slavery on present day African American life, and determine
appropriate remedies.

We welcome the opportunity to work with Wachovia and other corporations to obtain our full reparations.

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