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"Biblical is better. At least, that is what people tell me -The Gantt Report by Lucius Gantt"

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I imagine when Americans talk about things being faith-based, in most cases they are referring to things that are Christian. I’m pretty confident that “faith-based” has nothing to do with Santería, Buddhism or other such religious practices

Anyway, be very careful when endorsing or supporting something just because you’re told it is “faith-based”. In the African-American community, many preachers are lining up to participate in so-called faith-based efforts, programs and activities.

If a church says it has a drug program or a counseling program that is faith-based, they may be eligible for financial support from their national or state governments. Once churches receive this faith-based support, oftentimes they are prohibited from criticizing the government and government officials that made the faith based support available.

There is an old saying that goes, “The cat has got your tongue!” When you agree to keep quiet about issues that affect or concern the members of your congregation or your community that is a devilish cat that would demand that you lose your tongue and give up your freedom of speech.

I certainly don’t know all of the religious groups that have participated in faith-based government financed programs but the preachers that I know that do get government money are very reluctant to stand up and speak out about controversial political and community issues. Just because something is referred to as faith-based, it doesn’t mean it is right and it doesn’t mean it is right for us.

Islamic “Holy Wars” are faith-based. The war going on between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland is faith-based and one of the most deadly wars in history, The Crusades, was faith-based.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson says the lynching of Black people by racists in the South, and other areas, was faith-based. According to Jackson, white folks would hang Black people on Sundays right after going to church. The photos of lynch crowds clearly shows the lynch mob wearing their best Sunday go to meeting clothes!

The Gantt Report says if evil acts are not faith-based, why in the hell do ku klux klansmen burn crosses every time they get ready to hurt or kill a Black person or a Jew? Have you ever heard of The Church of the Creator? It is a faith-based white supremacy group.

Faith in government doesn’t mean a thing to me in regards to doing what’s right. I put my faith in God and I give God all of the praise and glory.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know the “Democratic” preachers who are not getting faith-based government dollars love to criticize the “Republican” preachers that are getting the government grants and contracts. So you have to look at each church-state relationship on an individual basis.

All I’m saying is don’t get carried away with the faith-based title. Remember that the slimy degenerate recently convicted for his role in the murders of Freedom Riders in Mississippi was a so-called Reverend as well as a leader of the klan. I guess at the time, he thought the killing of people trying to help Black people register to vote was faith-based, too!

Perhaps it all depends on what you have faith in.

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