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"Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid Blasts Bush Admin. in Interview: 'This Administration is Drunk with Power'"

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CHICAGO - In an interview with to be posted on Aug. 1, Sen. Harry Reid, Democratic minority leader of the Senate, blasted the pending recess appointment of John Bolton to become U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, BuzzFlash said today. "John Bolton is a person who, in his personal relationship with government employees, has been abominable, mean, unreasonable and bizarre," Sen. Reid told BuzzFlash. "His not producing the papers we have requested only underscores the importance of why we need those papers. There must be something he's trying to hide."

Two other excerpts from the interview with Reid include:

BuzzFlash: Why does the Bush Administration have such difficulty in leveling with the American people?

Sen. Reid: "Arrogance, abuse of power. This Administration is drunk with power. They control the House and Senate and seven of nine members of the Supreme Court, and therefore, they feel they need not compromise. They need not communicate with the minority."

BuzzFlash: (In regards to the outing of Valerie Plame) What's the role of the President of the United States in holding such treachery accountable, whatever the legal outcome might be?

Sen. Reid: "What it shows me is that the President is not a person of his word. He said almost two years ago that if anyone in his Administration was caught being involved in this, they would be fired. There is no question Karl Rove is involved in it. Evidence is heavy. The President, after finding that Rove's involved, changes his standard from 'being involved' in it to having committed a crime. Well, crimes are hard to prove, and then you go through the appellate process. What does this mean? It means the President is not a credible person."

The full interview with Sen. Harry Reid will be posted on on Monday morning, Aug. 1, and can be found at: .

The interview was conducted by on Thursday, July 28.

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