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"Gay Bullies - Joseph C Phillips Commentary"

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jcphillips (12k image) Last week, gay activist Mike Rogers, the editor of, reported that Robert Traynham, Deputy Chief of Staff for conservative senator Rick Santorum, confirmed that he was in fact a homosexual. Santorum, the third ranking Republican in the senate, is known for his staunch pro-family views. Rogers defended his actions explaining that he is “only interested in exposing people, regardless of party, who are gay and enabling anti-gay politicians to deny us basic civil rights.” What remains unclear is who appointed Rogers the arbiter of what is or is not in the gay and lesbian community’s best interest.

The idea of “outing” or disclosing personal information for political gain is little more than cheap gangsterism. Rogers and those who support his methods seek to extort through fear what they cannot win through reason. They demonize those who disagree with them and impugn the characters of those who will not fall into ideological step all the while turning bigotry on its’ head.

Santorum, a devout Catholic, is not anti-gay nor is he attempting to deny “basic civil rights” to homosexuals. He, along with an overwhelming majority of Americans, simply believes in the primacy of traditional marriage and does not believe homosexuality should be preached in our schools. Rogers and other gay activists are free to disagree with this view, but it hardly amounts to denying anyone their civil rights.

Oddly enough, if anyone is guilty of a transgression of rights it is Rogers who violated Mr. Traynham’s right to privacy and moreover feels he has the right to violate anyone’s private life with impunity.

There is also a lack of compassion and outright intolerance on the part of Rogers and his supporters that is disturbing. Rick Santorum is accused of being anti-gay, but it is not the senator who is consumed with Traynham’s sexual orientation. That distinction belongs to Mike Rogers.

Santorum views Traynham as a man and has judged him purely on the merits of his work and character, which by all accounts have been exemplary. In the eight years Traynham has worked for the senator, he has enjoyed the confidence of his employer and the respect of his coworkers. He has been promoted up the ladder and is currently the number two staffer in the office. Furthermore, he has been effective at giving the senator a different perspective on issues relating to the gay community and in many instances, caused the senator to rethink a position. In effect, he is enjoying the kind of life gay activists claim is being denied them.

Rogers on the other hand sees Traynham only through the lens of his sexual orientation and color. No matter that Traynham was named one of the 50 most powerful staffers on Capital hill; no matter that he is involved in his community or dedicated to his family. No matter what he accomplishes through hard work and perseverance, in the eyes of the radical gay left he will never be anything else, but a homosexual. That seems a fairly accurate definition of bigotry.

Rogers and the gay left live by the creed that harassment, prejudice and intimidation are acceptable so long as it is for the noble cause of the furtherance of their agenda. That is not the creed of a lover of tolerance and brotherhood. It is a bully’s credo and has no place in our public debate.

Funny thing is Traynham has been “out” since he was 20-years-old. He didn’t hide it but nor did he shout it from the rooftops. His co-workers knew he was gay, his friends and family knew he was gay. In other words he was “out” on his terms in the same way most heterosexuals are “out” about their personal lives. And isn’t that the way it outta be?

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