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"Does The Cat Have Their Political Tongues? - Commentary by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - When I was a child, my mother always had a question for me when I was reluctant to speak. ďHas the cat got your tongue?Ē she would ask.

If Mom was alive today she would be asking that same question to many of the opportunists of color seeking election to public office today.

In 2008, everybody wants to be a Black political candidate. We have people of color running for President, Congress, State Senate, State House, City Councilman, County Commissioner, Sheriff, School Board Member and practically every other office. There will be Black Democrats, Black Republicans, Black Independents and everything else seeking your voter support.

The candidates are quick to talk about issues that interest the devils in our communities but they are slow to discuss matters that are significant to the exploited, oppressed, victimized, brutalized and bamboozled masses!

Does the cat have their tongues?

OK, Ok, I donít want to hate on the brothers and sisters seeking office and I donít want you to hate them either.

Letís just inquire about some things that are public record anyway. Well, campaign contributions are public records and can be accessed by getting the information from your local election supervisor or your State Department of Elections. Campaign expenditures are also public information that can be perused by the same method.

If you havenít been asked already, between now and the first Tuesday in November you will be asked to vote for someone and/or give money to someoneís campaign. So, I donít think itís wrong to ask your favorite candidates a few simple questions.

I encourage everyone to ask their favorite candidates the following:

Has any African Americans contributed to your campaign?

Have you spent any campaign money with Black vendors or political professionals?

If you are running in a predominately, and probably single member, Black district, how much campaign money will be spent with businesses in that district and community?

Can you name any Black people that you will hire, such as aides, secretaries, consultants and so forth?

How much money do you as a Black candidate plan to spend with Black media companies to market your campaign?

What role will Black churches play in your election effort?

What role will Black youth and Black students play in your campaign?

The questions could go on and on but the point of this column is to show that if these questions are asked and the candidates suddenly get quiet, the cat may very well have their tongues!

I donít care who the candidate is or what major or minor public office they are running for, the people making money and making decisions during the campaign will be the same people making money and making decisions once a candidate is elected.

If you, your business owners, your churches, your media outlets and your voting help is not shown any love and any respect during the campaign, you wonít be show any love when the election is over.

I encourage my readers and my people to be careful and refuse to be misled, took, had, tricked, bamboozled and jacked by a slimy, degenerate and devilish political Mack!

Take time to vote but also take time to learn more about whom youíll be voting for. (Gantt's new book "Beast To: Dead Man Writing" is coming soon and will be illustrated by Lance Scurvin. Contact Lucius at

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