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"America's Black Power Conflict - Commentary by LuciusGantt"

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The Gantt Report - Five hundred years after slavery days, America still has more love for the Negroes in the house than they do for the Black people in the fields!

If you’re Black, you can’t be the best unless you’re recognized by the beast!

The “best” Black teachers are the ones that teach at white schools. The “best” Black preachers are the ones that pray about a white Jesus. The “best” Black journalists are the ones that work for white owned media companies. The “best” Black cooks are not mama and grandmother, they are the ones that cook for Waffle House and Dennys!

The more we progress, the more we step backwards. The more we rise up, the more we fall down.

The devil loves Black conflict! In Africa, they call it tribal warfare! In inner cities, they call it gang warfare.

In The Gantt Report, I call it the never ending Black Power Struggle!

People of African descent do not have to march in step. We can be different. We can certainly disagree.

There is nothing wrong with Blacks who live to integrate. There is nothing wrong with Blacks that desire to separate. Both views or philosophies have benefits, both have detriments.

Fact of the matter is that we need all kinds of Black folk to unite and work toward the goals that we have in common.

They may have not seen eye to eye on every single issue but history has shown that we needed W.E. B. Dubois and we needed Booker T. Washington. We needed Martin Luther King Junior and we needed Malcolm X. We need Minister Louis Farrakhan and we need Reverend T.D. Jakes. We needed Rosa Parks and we need Angela Davis. We needed Marcus Garvey.

We need Black Democrats and we need Black Republicans.

I don’t blame the sons and daughters of slave masters solely for the miserable way we look at and relate to each other. We have to share much of the blame.

We are the ones that think we can’t do anything without the approval and direction of others. We’re the ones that think the Black man’s ice is less cold than the ice belonging to other races. We’re the ones that are blind and can’t see we are blessed as much or more than any other ethnic or racial group.

Brothers and sisters, your brainwashed friends and neighbors may look at you as inferior if you don’t work for a white person at a white owned business or have an education from a white-oriented white or Black school but you are loved by Blacks around the world.

Throughout history and even today, Blacks continue to risk their lives, reputations and livelihoods striving for respect, freedom and independence.

The Black person that can survive in America, stand up and tell the truth is an honorable person whether the poverty pimps, neo-colonialist puppets and Uncle Toms like it or not!
Despite all of our differences, together we stand and divided we fall! (Gantt's new book "Beast Too: Dead Man Writing" is coming soon and will be illustrated by Lance Scurvin. Contact Lucius at

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