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""Black in America" Little More Than Pity Party - by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - Most of my friends watched at least a portion of the CNN series “Black in America”.

Reporter Soledad O’Brien should be applauded for her effort and broadcast journalism expertise but the true “American” aspect left little to be desired.

If America is a melting pot, all kinds of people make up the stew. All kinds of Black people live, work and play in the USA.

I don’t blame Soledad but many of the subjects, guests and so-called scholars that appeared on the show were not Black at all, possibly dipped in chocolate, so to speak.

Don’t take my word for it. Look at an example.

I’m over 50 years old and most of my American heroes of African descent have been to jail or are in jail right now. You name them, from Nat Turner, to Denmark Vessey, to Marcus Garvey, to Martin King, to Malcolm X, to Rosa Parks, to George Jackson, Angela Davis, Fannie Lou Hammer, Huey Newton and many other Blacks in America have served time behind bars.

You can’t talk about Blacks in America unless you talk about judicial injustice, police brutality, disproportionate inmate populations and biased court officers.

No, I’m not going to dwell on that because there are bigger issues such as inadequate educational opportunities and so on.

The biggest issue discussed but slighted is the economic issue.

America operates in a capitalist society. In a capitalist society, capital is the primary motivating factor.

In other words, low income Blacks and Blacks with higher incomes have few problems that money can’t solve.

If you want to talk about Black problems in America, you can begin by talking about how banks treat Black people. Talk about how many whites can get a “signature loan” and how many Blacks can’t get a loan at all!

Talk about how whites can get business loans to set up shop in inner city neighborhoods and Blacks can’t get loans to open up or start a business in any part of a city.

Talk about how bankers have red-lined communities. Talk about how banks have taken money deposited by Blacks and loaned the same money to whites. Talk about America’s banking laws that shield banks from complaints made by Black bank depositors. Talk about a Federal Reserve System that says it is fair for banks to view all of your evidence of bank wrongdoing but you can’t see any of the lies banks use to deny economic misconduct.

Oh yes, “Black in America” was not a vehicle for all Blacks to share their opinions, visions and perspectives. It was not at all like the Bandung Indonesia conference years ago when people of all colors, political philosophies and economic status got together to take about how they were being victimized by the same group of people, by the same decadent thinking and by the same humongous greed.

Remember, when Jesus decided to put a group together to address and discuss the issues of his day, he didn’t round up the so-called scholars, he didn’t seek out the Negro employees of white owned media companies and he didn’t desire the direction of devilish beasts and their neo-colonialist puppets. Jesus chose “the people”!

I’m not going to hate the “Black in America” show on CNN. I hate the fact that politically and philosophically independent Black people were not even considered as Black people with viable views to sh are.

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