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"CNN'S Black in America Series Motivates Anonymous Donor to Give Large Grant to Educate Black Churches"

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Portsmouth, VA (ChristianPRgroup) - Motivated by the shocking truth exposed in the CNN series titled Black In America, a wealthy philanthropist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has given Urban Awareness USA a large private grant for the purpose of educating churches located in the top 20 African-American populated metropolitan areas on exactly how to access and properly utilize the multiple grant funding opportunities from federal, state, local and private organizations. The philanthropist believes that the urban church holds the solution for many, if not all, of the problems plaguing African-American communities including school dropout rates, HIV/AIDS, prisoner reentry, unemployment, etc.

Urban Awareness USA was selected to receive the grant, in part, because of the vision of its owner, Tracy J. Brown. Mr. Brown wrote the book titled A Moses for Urban America in which he outlines his plan to solve the problems of Urban America by educating African-American churches on how to use funding from the Faith-Based Initiative and private sources to implement programming to solve problems in the inner city. Mr. Brown says, "I'm pleased that our efforts to better equip the African-American church so it can get more involved in solving the huge problems facing urban communities is receiving the attention it deserves. The CNN series has America talking more openly about these issues and I'm excited to see so many influential people motivated to step up and help improve the state of urban America."

Urban Awareness USA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit church growth and development consultant established in 2004, provides consulting services to urban churches and community leaders to enhance the lives of those who live in urban communities. Urban Awareness USA is the United States White House representative for the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP). In 2006, the founder of Urban Awareness USA, Tracy J. Brown, was invited to the White House by the President of the United States. In 2007, Mr. Brown co-authored a book with the legendary civil rights activist, Dr. Benjamin Hooks. In 2008, Mr. Brown was, again, invited to the United States White House to receive the Congregational Medal of Distinction presented by Rep. Tom Cole.

If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Mr. Tracy J. Brown, please call Mr. Travoris Carnes at 757-393-9600 ext 13 or email Mr. Carnes at

Mailing Address: Urban Awareness USA, 601 Dinwiddie Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

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