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"Def Comedy Campaigns - by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - The major party political conventions are going on right now and Americaís General Election will take place in November.

Nowadays, several states are holding their Primary Election contests and Black folks are runningÖ..for their lives!

I know The Gantt Report is read around the world but I may not know you. I donít know where you live or where you vote.

But I do know that wherever you are, you probably had a few opportunistic African-Americans attempting to ride on Barack Obamaís future coat tails to a position in elected public office.

If you live in a single-member predominately Black political district, you probably had multiple Black candidates running against each other for the same political offices.

But thatís OK. We all have a right to run for office.

However, itís embarrassing as to how poorly the losers, and some winners, run their campaigns.

They knock on doors in the Black community, they post signs in the Black community. They leaflet churches in the Black community and they trick Black people into donating political contributions in the Black community!

Did I say tricked? I sure did! If you were told that Black candidates are smart, professional and experienced and that all other Black professionals, vendors and voters are ignorant, it seems like a devilish trick to me!

The truth is that there are Black professionals that can silk screen T-shirts, there are African-American companies that can make yard signs, there are brothers and sisters that can produce and place ads in newspaper, on television and on billboards and there are people like you that can fry chicken and fish to feed the campaign workers.

Whenever I tell the truth about how politicians of all colors take money out of the Black community during political periods and race to give it to the political devil, everyone says I want the money myself.

Well, I do want money but I do not want a penny from candidates that disrespect Black voters and Black people.

When politicians advertise in newspapers that carry The Gantt Report, Gantt doesnít get a dime! I just try to stand up and speak out on issues that impact Black businesses.

Most of the Black people you know that sought election to a political position lost. They didnít lose because they were Black, they lost because they didnít believe in the Black people they were trying to represent.

A losing strategy is a strategy that says no politician can win unless the candidate takes orders from the beast.

In most states, a legislative district, for instance, can have more than 20,000 registered voters. If you run for the State House and you only generate less than a thousand votes, you are not only a sorry candidate the brothers and sisters in the hood will look at you like a political traitor to their race.

Congratulations to everyone that had a successful primary campaign. To the losers, keep on losing, your campaign plans were so hilarious your campaign could have been featured on Def Comedy Jam! (Gantt's new book "Beast Too : Dead Man Writing" is coming soon and will be illustrated by Lance Scurvin. Contact Lucius at

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