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"Some Democrats Are Still Dixiecrats - by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - Malcolm X delivered his historic political speech ďThe Ballot or the BulletĒ about 40 years ago and one message in the speech appears to be more relevant today than it was back then.

To many in Americaís Black community, elections come and elections go but it seems more than ever in this 2008 contest that many Democrats are nothing but Dixiecrats!

Everybody wants to talk about Southern strategies, working class whites and things like that and how states below the Mason-Dixon line will impact the 2008 Presidential elections.

Be careful people, political devils are trying to pull a satanic trick on you!

Geography is not and will not be the reason Barack Obama will or will not be elected President of the United States. Obama won primaries in the North and Obama won primaries in the South, so to speak.

Regardless of where people vote, the location doesnít matter. What matters are the voters themselves!

For years I worked as a writer for The Associated Press in New York and in Atlanta. I never liked the company but I had a lot of love for many of my fellow writers and coworkers. Iím so proud of a few AP writers today because they recently reported what Iíve been writing about for more than 18 months.

Itís not Hillary. Itís not celebrity status. Itís not experience or lack thereof.

Barack Obama is obviously the best candidate for US President but he canít pull away from his pitiful opponents because of the racial views of many Democratic voters.

No, not Mississippi, Georgian or South Carolinian Democrats, Iím talking about so-called liberal and moderate Democrats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and places like that that will refuse to vote for any Black candidate running for any office!.

Malcolm X said that if youíre south of the Canadian border youíre in the South. The Gantt Report says if youíre south of the North Pole youíre in the South!

How has Obama chosen to deal with this predicament? Well, he hired as many white folks as he could, paid white folks as much money as he could and took as much strategic and political advice from white people as he could.

And where has those actions gotten him in regard to generating increased white voter support? NOWHERE! If McCain and Obama are neck and neck in the polls, McCain has little or no Black support and Obama has little or no non-Black support, comparatively speaking.

The non-Black voter support Obama has now, he would have had it any way because he is the best candidate and many people of all racial and ethnic groups always choose to support and vote for the very best candidates.

Obama has support from newly registered white student voters, some white labor union members, perhaps the family members on his motherís side of the family but few more.

I think Obama won so many primary elections because of a huge turnout of Black voters and a parallel low turnout of rednecks and klansmen, so to speak.

Itís going to take an even higher turnout of African-American voters nationwide for Obama to win, at least an 80% turnout of all registered Black voters.

Now donít confuse that with 80% of Black voters. If only 30% of the registered voters vote, as they customarily do, and Obama gets 80% of those votes, his tally will not be nearly enough.

I doubt if Obama reads The Gantt Report but he should because I know people that can put together a sure fire voter delivery system to insure that registered Blacks vote in high numbers. Or he can trust the Dixiecratic consultants he has chosen to give the highest amount of money raised in US Presidential campaign history to.

Itís his choice but itís our future! You canít be scared to do what is right for your strongest political supporters and expect to be elected President of the United States of America! (Ganttís new book ďBeast Too:Dead Man WritingĒ is coming soon and will be illustrated by Lance Scurvin. Contact Lucius at

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