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"Modern Day Bank Robbers - by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - The financial crisis currently going on in the United States appears to have created an opportune moment for many Blacks and Jews to unite!

The same con men and hooligans seeking a $700 billion bailout at the hands of American taxpayers have a sordid corporate history as it relates to Jews and Blacks.

Let me explain. We all are familiar with how Jews will never forget what happened to them during the Holocaust and how they vowed to never let such a thing happen again.

Well, many of the worldwide insurance companies and other financial giants had a hand, as slight as it may have been, in supporting and/or working with Nazis in Germany.

I canít speak for Americans that are of Israeli descent or the Americans that practice Judaism or other Jewish religions but Iím sure many Jews donít want to bailout high-paid businessmen that ripped people off for years and years in Nazi Germany and also residents in todayís American neighborhoods.

Similarly, Black Americans should understand that many companies seeking taxpayer bailouts were heavily involved in the slave trade. Insuring slave ships was not and is not a good business. Profitable maybe, but itís a deplorable business practice.

Even though the bailout ideas are reactionary and even recalcitrant, many governmental leaders suggest bailing devilish corporations out would be better in the long run for American citizens. Why they say that, I donít know.

As a poor man, so to speak, I want to know how so-called financially troubled businesses that pay CEOs $25 million a year can be in any financial difficulty at all.

I also donít see why it is important to give away $700 billion in tax dollars to pay mansion mortgage payments or to service luxury yachts and finance first-class vacations to foreign destinations.

Yes, Jews and Blacks should stand together and protest the bailing out of fat cats while Americaís exploited and oppressed are left to make it on their own.

Only a devilish beast would privatize business profits and socialize business losses.

Rich, poor or in between, no one can get a loan but AIG and the James Brothers gang. Iím sorry, I meant Lehman Brothers. (Contact Lucius at

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