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"Conservative Radio Host Shelly Wynter Trumps McCain Supporter in Showdown on CNN"

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Conservative Radio Host Shelly Wynter Trumps McCain Supporter in Showdown on CNN
Wynter proposes a serious conversation addressing conservative values and Black America

Atlanta, GA - The Republican supporter who begged Senator John McCain to "Take It To Obama," stormed off the CNN set when conservative radio host, Shelley Wynter, questioned James T. Harris’ support of the presidential candidate, not based on race, but on his conservative values. Wynter wants another chance to dialogue with Harris.

“I’m extending a public invitation to Mr. Harris to have a real conversation about conservative values,” Wynter said today. “I assume that the pressure from all of the hate mail made him overreact during the CNN interview. I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss the issue with Harris and other Black conservatives. I think we have a common goal,” Wynter adds.

The incident occurred earlier this week when Wynter and Harris were interviewed on CNN. According to the report, Harris, a part-time radio host, has received hate mail from Black listeners after his televised request for McCain to hit Obama where it hurts during a rally in Waukesha, WI last week.

When asked by CNN anchor, Kyra Phillips, if the negative backlash is fair, Wynter responded, “I am an African American conservative as well. I just happen to support Barack Obama. I repudiate anybody that would call James out of his name because of his political views… I think James has sold out on his principles as a conservative. James calls himself a conservative but he supports the least conservative candidate that the Republican Party can put up for the presidency. Here’s a guy that has sold out his conservativism, not his race.”

Harris responded “I am sick to death of the word sell out….. Let me make this perfectly clear. I am not saying that Senator John McCain is a conservative. I am a conservative. Senator John McCain happens to be my candidate and I have a beter chance of pulling him over to my position as a moderate republican than I do a liberal socialist.”

An angered Harris, who, according to his website, “assist(s) clients with substantial problem resolution services through a consulting relationship,” removed his microphone and left the set. The interview can be found on YouTube (

Unmoved by Harris’ abrupt exit, Wynter continued, “Right now, government has failed us. Republicans and Democrats have failed us. So, right now I don’t care what party affiliation you have. I don’t care whether you’re liberal or Democrat or Republican or conservative. Right now I’m looking for a leader and the campaign John McCain has run has not been leadership quality. That’s all I was saying to James Harris. If he wants to run away he can.”

Wynter is the host of “The Right Side With Shelley Wynter” on USA Talk Network (, a Blogger at Dogon Village (, and is often called on to moderate political panels and serve as political pundit on radio and TV shows including several appearances on CNN.

A New York native now based in Atlanta, Wynter says his primary objective as a conservative radio host is to get “his beloved people to start to think differently about their existence in America.”

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