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"ACT NOW! Encourage Congress to help save our American auto industry"

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As our nation goes through an economic crisis of epic proportions, we cannot turn our backs on an industry that serves as our country’s industrial backbone. Please contact your Congressional representatives in the House and the Senate TODAY and urge them to provide the financial assistance needed to save the American auto industry for all Americans.

Congressional support for the U. S. auto industry NOW will:

1) Save over 2.5 million jobs that could be lost across the country.
2) Protect healthcare benefits for 2 million Americans.
3) Protect nearly 800,000 retirees and spouses with pension benefits.
4) Save over 20,000 automobile dealers who provide livable wages to over 1 million employees

Many Americans are not aware that:
• 1 of out of every 10 U. S. jobs is auto related
• 4% of U. S. gross domestic product is auto-related
• GM, Ford and Chrysler account for nearly 70 percent of U. S. auto production and are estimated to support around 5 million jobs across all 50 states.

The survival of many local communities and small businesses is also directly connected to the success or failure of the auto industry. Should Congress stand by and allow the auto industry to collapse, the residual impact would be catastrophic.

We believe passionately if the U. S. Congress can save Wall Street with a $700 Billion dollar bailout, then, surely saving the U. S. auto industry which provides millions of jobs to Main street, your street and my street, is equally important.

Please contact your representatives TODAY by calling or emailing and ask them to do the right thing by the American people and save the U. S. auto industry now. To find your representatives email and phone numbers click here Call the U. S. Senate at (202) 224-3121 and your U. S. Representatives at (202) 225-3121 TODAY!

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