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"Voting Is Great But Voting Stupidly Is Disastrous - by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - The campaign of President Barack Obama was extremely successful in registering voters and encouraging them to vote.

It was so great to see thousands of Blacks that had never voted before lined up at polling places to cast their ballots.

I really loved it when it was announced that Obama was elected President of the United States.

At the same time, I got sick as hell when I saw how many bigots and racists were sweep into office on Obama's coattails!

During the campaign, political devils ranted and raved about voter registration but they were silent as a mouse when it came to discuss voter education!

President Obama could not talk about the so-called "Reagan Democrats" and other ultra-conservative wings of the Democratic Party but I can.

Don't take my word for it but the devil himself might have been elected if satan said he was a Democrat!

Black voters were not told to study the election issues, they were not told to research all of the candidates and they were not told to vote for the candidates that were best for their particular communities. Black voters were told to vote Democratic because Obama was a Democrat.

That was a stupid, dumb and recalcitrant way to decide whom to vote for.

Just look at the so-called political maps. The only deep southern state that Obama won was Florida and he won that with the help of young, not old, Cuban and other Hispanic voters. Take away the "Senor Vote" and Barack might have lost Florida.

There are more Democrats in the south than there are Republicans but those biased and bigoted Democrats in Southern states voted for John McCain..

I know you don't like for me to write the truth but what can I say?

If you think you are loved because Obama was elected, you need to wake up and smell the crack smoke!

Organized labor supported Obama but they don't support all Black candidates, Internet sites like supported Obama but they don't support all Black candidates. Jewish and some other etnic groups voted for Barack but they wouldn't dream of voting for all Black candidates.

Only uneducated, uninformed and unconcerned Black voters will vote for a candidate based on their party affiliation and not based on their performance for the people!

Because of our blind votes, Democrats, the party that we backed now control the US Congress. Democrats will control every committee in both the House and the Senate, Democrats will control the federal budget and Democrats will approve or disapprove all Turkeys, sorry, I mean government special projects and expenditures.

We put the Democratic Party candidates first and most of you wrongly think the Democrats will put Blacks first.

Yes, we need to vote for Obama and other candidates that love us but we need to vote racist State Attorneys, bigoted judges and biased public servants out of office regardless of what party they belong to!

I want my people to have voter education. I want them to be politically savvy, astute and wise. I want African Americans to be able to recognize political foxes and wolves. They are both canines and they both should be voted into the doghouse while Obama serves in the White House.

Those in our community that urge us to vote blindly and stupidly for people just because they belong to one party or the other are not only bad for us and our community; they are traitors to our race! (The wait is over! Gantt's new book "Beast Too: Dead Man Writing" is the perfect Christmas gift and will be available worldwide where ever fine books are sold on December 10th. Contact Lucius at

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