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"Election Result Shows The Nature Of The Beast - by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - If you feel that violence may be approaching, don't worry about the ones that run their mouths, watch out for the ones that are quiet!

Devilish behavior has increased tenfold since President-Elect Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States. Crosses are being burned, racist graffiti is being written, property is being damaged and hatred is being displayed across the nation from California to Maine and most states in between.

Klansmen, skinheads, rednecks and other bigots have even issued vague threats on the life of Obama and his family.

Well, some of us are not surprised!

Even racists are smart. Many people voted for economic reasons rather than racial reasons. Just because you don't want to lose your home or your job, it doesn't mean that you now love Black people.

Can you imagine white folks voting for the lesser of two undesirable candidates? You should because until 2008, that's the way Blacks voted in nearly every election.

What about these recent displays of racism and hate?

Well, The Gantt Report told you time after time that we need a President like Obama but we need community defenders like Malcolm X, Huey Newton and Louis Farrakhan too!

Don't believe for a minute that changes in the White House will bring an automatic change to your Black house. I hope the President can change the country and the world but we are going to have to change ourselves our selves!

We have to protect each other. We have to respect each other. We have to love each other. And, we have to realize that Barack Obama can now go by he title of "Mr. President" but many Americans call Obama the same name they call you and it rhymes with trigger!

A luta continua. If you don't know, that means the struggle continues. Sometimes smiling faces don't tell the truth. Sometimes votes cast doesn't mean you love the person you voted for.

Barack Obama and Black Americans both have to take the bitter with the sweet. We still have to recognize and realize the nature of the beast!

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