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"Changes - Commentary by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - Every year or so a politician comes along and says, ďItís time for a change!Ē Preachers, teachers, employers and others also love to talk about changes.

But I donít want change for myself or my people unless it is a change for the better. The change from segregation to integration has not been exceptionally better. Changing back and forth from Republicans to Democrats has not been better. Changing addresses, phone numbers and internet accounts has not caused significant personal progress for us.

So, Mr. Gantt, how can we change for progress and improvement? Itís easy!

In order for us to change our lives, we must change our lives!

Black people historically tend to settle for what they are used to. Most of us like to eat what we like to eat, drink what we like to drink, date who we like to date, watch what we like to watch, live where we like to live and so forth.

If you eat hamburgers all of the time and put on a few pounds, you have to change your diet to become more healthy.

In life, if youíre wondering why youíre broke and others can live in the lap of luxury. I think you need to change the way you make money.

When politicians talk about change is usually no more than a cruel joke on the voters. Advocates of political change donít want to change the political parties, they donít want to change the political operatives, they donít want to change the political priorities and they donít want to change the political landscape. Most of the time politicians just want to change the person sitting in the political seat!

In romance, when a partner feels it is time for a change, they donít seek to relate to a better man or a better woman. Many couples that split up just try to find a different version of what they all ready had. When a woman breaks up with a new man, she will inevitably return to dating the type guy she failed with in the past. Sheíll go back to dating the kind of man she is used to.

You have to be smart to change for the better. History, I think, is the best teacher. If youíre tired of being used, abused, hated, mistreated, cheated, misled, miseducated, exploited and oppressed, change your life, change your thoughts, change your environment, change your paradigm, change your attitude, change your habits, change your style, change your swag and change your heart!

You canít have a new and better life with an old and incompetent mind or relationship. (Order Gantt's new book, "Beast Two: Dead Man Writing" and contact Lucius at

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