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"Jacksonville Jags Should Sign Michael Vick - Commentary by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - I would like to buy two season tickets to see the National Football League’s Jacksonville Jaguars this fall……..if they sign former Atlanta Falcon QB Michael Vick.

Vick, nearing the end of his federal jail sentence for “dog fighting”, is now available to sign with any team, anywhere. Vick has paid his dues, served his time, apologized for his past actions with animals and now should be allowed to live his life.

For the record, I and most people, love canine pets that love us back, guard our houses and protect us from assumed dangers. But we have no love for dogs that bite and dogs that love to fight, especially the two-legged dogs in African-American and world Black history that enjoyed sicking police dogs and attack dogs on innocent, harmless omen children and babies.

Only a racist could forget how dogs were used against Blacks in civil rights movements, dogs were used against Blacks in world colonial conquests and how dogs are ordered today to track down and bite sometime innocent people.

Anyway, Vick would be perfect for the Jacksonville football team. J’ville is a predominately Black city with a team that has a history of successful Black quarterbacks. Jacksonville has a strong running game, fair receivers and a decent defense similar to Vick’s old teams in Atlanta.

There are 32 teams I the NFL and nearly 100 quarterbacks on those tram’s roster. Without exaggerating, I would imagine that over 90% of NFL quarterbacks are slower than Vick, weaker than Vick, less experienced than Vick, hold fewer NFL records than Vick, won fewer games than Vick and have been to the NFL Pro Bowl fewer times than Vick.

In the Michael Vick pro football scenario, money is the issue as it is in everything else American. The evil wings of PETA and the Humane Society want to foster hate against Vick and use the past activities of Vick to generate revenue today instead of doing good things for animals and animal lovers. And, Vick doesn’t have any money to pay his bills and feed his family.

Vick is the most exciting football player in the world (I hope he still is) and wherever he goes to play, I’m going to go and watch him. On the day he takes the field, the stadium will be filled and the TV eyes at home will be on that Vick comeback game not on the woeful Atlanta team that gave him up for a rookie and a dream.

I hope Vick signs with Jacksonville or some other Florida team. At least the game I want to see will be in driving distance. (Gantt’s new book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing has several chapters about what happened to MV. Visit to purchase or to find out more about Lucius Gantt)

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