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""Chariot" a New Stage Play with Themes of Racism, Homophobia and Finally Acceptance is Coming Forth to Hollywood"

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chariot (21k image)Hollywood, CA - Theater lovers will be elevated and emancipated when "Chariot" an explosive drama by Steven Lee arrives to the legendary Stella Adler Theatre, July 16 through September 2. Directed by Cary Thompson, "Chariot" dips deep into the inner mechanics of the Hills, a dysfunctional Black family living in the San Fernando valley, right outside of Los Angeles, in 1987.

It's hard to really know the Hill family. Their secrets are brushed over with a broad smile and ridicule nullifies even the most serious of discussions. In this family even the unique aria of the soul is stamped out. No one can be gay. No one can be black. No one can be fully human. Assimilating in an all white suburban community, the Hills live on a dead end cul-de-sac of cookie cutter houses and sugary sweet smiles and no real life. The Hill family has become just like the neighbors they complain about. As one character puts it, in this family, "everybody is dead. You step over their dead bodies in the living room and talk to ghosts in the chairs."

Still Angela Hill, the detached matriarch of the Hill clan, is trying to keep everything that isn't together--together. Her alcoholic son who she claims is not an alcoholic. Her angry daughter who she pretends does not hate her. Her gay son who has no pride in his sexuality and she would like to keep it that way. A deceased son from three years prior who no one can speak about, and the ominous Frank, her schizophrenic husband , who will not come out of his room. Who will help them?

"Chariot" is an uncompromising presentation exploring topics not readily tackled in Black theater presentations. Self-loathing, racism, religious oppression and spiritually are themes that lay the foundation for this explosive production.

Explains Lee, "'Chariot' is a mission piece for me. Its message is not only powerful but also so very necessary. We must not allow any myths: societal expectations, cultural mandates, stereotypes, and religious misinterpretations, to take us off our purpose. That purpose is for each of us to express gratitude for being unique and be grateful for the uniqueness in others. Truly, as a character says in the play, we cannot wait for some mythical chariot to come and take us away. No more folklore, 'we must be our own chariot.'"

"Chariot" features a cast that includes De'Garryan Andrews, Cassandra Braden, Nadjah Dabney, Cai Handley, Gayle LaRone, Hardia Madden Jr. and RonNell Weaver.

"Chariot" will run Thursday through Saturdays, July 16 through September 2 nightly at 8:00 p.m. with 3:00 Sunday matinees. The Stella Adler Theatre is located at 6773 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA. Reservations can be made by calling 323-960-7788 and for further information log on at http://www.plays4

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