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"Controversial Short Film, "A War for Your Soul," Leaves Haunting Yet Challenging Impression as it Seeks to Inspire African American Youth"

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reginald (9k image)New York - "A War for Your Soul," a short 25 minute video created by Reginald Bullock, a high school and college educator for over twenty years and Bronx, NY native, is growing in popularity around the country since its online introduction on March 15, 2009. Seen by over to 500,000 people in four short months, Mr. Bullock created the video just two days after President Obama historically became of first African American President. His intent was and is to inspire young people to utilize their full potential; not to fall prey to the many trials and tribulations they face on a daily basis.

Herald for its sobering and powerful message targeted to our youth, "A War for Your Soul," has also struck a passionate nerve in adults and sparked a wide variety of discussions amongst a broad spectrum of American Americans in multiple arenas.

Trademarked by its inescapable images, Reggie smartly infused painful, staggering and joyful images of African American history with today's very relevant issues. Bullock says ?There are images of heroes who are white in the video, and there are images of Blacks and Whites coming together with words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the background. The film is not meant to criticize, place blame or point fingers, it's to have all of us come together and unite for a better future.?

Immediately upon completion, Reggie, an amateur filmmaker, sent the film to about 40 HBCU's, organizations and churches just hoping to change one life, conversely, the phone has yet to stop ringing, he receives about 100-200 emails a day and invitations for Reggie to speak at colleges, churches and organizations continue to pour in. As well, more than 400 websites and blogs have included the video on their sites.

CNN, Gospel Today, Minority Reporter, Twitter, Black Refer, The Real Professor, Anything Urban, Ebony Tucson, Today's Drum, Business Initiator, Blog Talk Radio, 103.7 The Beat, AME Christian Reporter, Talking Straight, The Black Hollywood Files, Infopirate, Justice Reform Coalition and many others are among the media outlets that have found this video compelling enough to endorse. Moreover, Rev. Marcia Dyson, the wife of noted author Michael Eric Dyson stated on CNN "Everyone needs to stop and look at this DVD."

According to Reggie, "Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this much support nor the reactions. This experience has taught me several things, namely: 1) That God will use anyone for His purpose and for this film, he chose me 2) That there is a fire that still burns in the belly of African Americans to reach back and help one another and 3) We may not be able to move mountains with money, but we certainly can with faith."

Initially, there was just one version of the film that ran about 15 minutes in length, subsequently, the reaction from Birmingham Alabama Mayor Larry Langford has created a new version called, "A War for Your Soul" Birmingham Version. Mayor Langford's impassioned words during a town hall meeting, speaks to the necessity of this film and our responsibility to do whatever we can to help get the message out. Mayor Langford personally, began making 500 copies and sending them out to everyone he knew.

Intent on giving today's youth a glimpse into their past, present and their future, "A War for Your Soul," was created to motivate and encourage; not divide, yet due to the graphic nature and the vital message, you will be uncomfortable, uneasy and you may even become angry. These are just a few of the emotions that Mr. Bullock hopes will inspire change.

As reported by Anything, "War for Your Soul" is uniquely presented via a time line of key events in African-American history, this story is delivered in an electric, yet unforgiving tone that speaks to your heart, awakens your emotions, and provides a visual punch that pulls at the strings of your emotions in ways that nothing should in a 25 minute span.

To view this controversial video (Birmingham Version), please visit: at or

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