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"Florida Legislative Black Caucus disturbed by racially charged Republican mail piece"

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TALLAHASSEE—The Florida Legislative Black Caucus (FLBC) is deeply disturbed by the damaging racially charged absentee mail piece financed for the Republican primary in State Senate District 8 by a 527 organization associated with the Florida Justice Association (FJA). This mail piece depicted unacceptable racial images used to motivate Republican voters to vote absentee in the special election.

The members of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus finds the mailing to be deplorable and represents the very worst nature of political campaigning. We recognize that the FJA has fought to strengthen and uphold the civil justice system, provide equal access to justice and to protect the rights of all Floridians. We know that the offending mail piece is not consistent with the long-standing principles and actions of the FJA, which is why we are so very shocked and disappointed by this disclosure.

It is obvious from the mailer that the FJA, who created, approved and funded this mailer has racially biased proclivities that are manifested in their thinking and actions. There was no need for FJA to invoke these racial images in an overwhelming Republican and non-minority district. Therefore, it is our strong desire for FJA to continue to uphold its integrity and clean house within its association of anyone, who spearheaded and had any involvement with this controversial mailer, and replace them with people who are morally sound and sensitive as it relates to racial issues.

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