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"New Novel "From Ghetto to Greatness" Gives Hope to Troubled Teens"

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First time novelist Kevin "Coach" Brown has created a timeless story that gives a formula for inner-city teens to stay in school and away from crime, gangs and drugs. Although set in the 1970's, the book, which is based on his real life experiences, is relevant to young readers in this millennium.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 30, 2009 -- Author Kevin "Coach" Brown's novel From Ghetto to Greatness is a masterpiece of storytelling that grabs young readers' attention from the very beginning. Once they are pulled into the protagonist's Jerome Brown's world, they are whisked away with him through many previously unglamorized ghetto situations. It's these nuances that make the plot fresh and interesting; as opposed to the trite storyline of "I sold drugs, I was in a gang, I went to jail, and now I want to save the world." The result of this brand new approach to urban youth literature is a book that is positively changing attitudes and actions of troubled teens throughout the country.

As a practicing Life Coach, Youth Sunday School Teacher and community volunteer, Brown saw a strong need to communicate with teens at their level. Somehow he was able to reach back over 30 years to recount details of his attitude and thoughts in conjunction with his experiences of growing up in Long Beach inside a tumultuous home environment. Brown encapsulated all this onto 214 pages that have an emotional rollercoaster effect on the reader. Suspense, humor, sorrow, and eventually triumph are blended to make the reader feel as though they have been taken back in time to when Lionel Richie was still with The Commodores and Cuba Gooding Sr. was the only star in his family.

I sold drugs, I was in a gang, I went to jail, and now I want to save the world.
Brown is working to get From Ghetto to Greatness picked up by a major publisher that will distribute the book to all the major retail outlets. He pictures himself sitting on Oprah's couch while she asked him tough questions about the unbelievable stories in the book. He believes Oprah will want to know how his book managed to change so many young folks' lives for the better. For now, those interested in getting a copy of From Ghetto to Greatness will have to catch up with the Brown at one of his book signing in Atlanta or order it from

For additional information on Kevin "Coach" Brown or to obtain a press copy of From Ghetto to Greatness, contact Kevin Brown or visit From Ghetto to Greatness is available on

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