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"Black Friday Special Aims to Empower Underemployed with Free Training and Business Tools"

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In response to the recent double-digit unemployment rates and lingering recession, will kick-off the holiday season by providing free technology training and tools required to establish an online business to people who sign up at starting on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, 2009.

“With unemployment at a 25-year high and the US economy on life support, we each need to do our part to help,” said Kawann Coleman, CEO of Coleman Media, creator of MiButler. “Offering free online businesses and the training necessary to run that business is a good way to help people who are looking for ways to supplement their income. This is not a get rich overnight opportunity. But, if a person has a business idea we can help to implement the online strategy for their business or we can help non-business owners identify eCommerce opportunities that can provide a monthly income.”

Coleman continues, “Again, whoever signs up Black Friday through Cyber Monday will get free personalized training and webinars to get the business started and free access to the platform. We really want to do something this holiday season to help entrepreneurs or people seeking income opportunities.”

MiButler is an innovative technology platform developed to automate routine tasks to maintain an online business. The system enables non-technical people to create a website without the help of a web designer, edit website content, setup an online shop to sell products on the web, send email newsletters and more. The training component will teach non-technical people how to use of all of the applications in the MiButler platform.

“The MiButler system is extremely user friendly,” says A.T. Coleman, president of Coleman Media. “After a brief training session a person can develop a website for their company or even develop websites for other people. If they have access to products, they can sell them online.”

MiButler stands for “My Internet” Butler. From one central console at, each subscriber’s personal “Butler” manages websites, customer databases, email marketing campaigns, web analytics and eCommerce.

Coleman Media is a company focused on developing tools and applications that help technically challenged entrepreneurs do business online.

“Our long-term goal is to cultivate a global online business builders group that allows local entrepreneurs to network, outsource to each other, and consult one another on effective business practices from around the world,” adds A.T. Coleman.

Anyone interested in starting their free online business should visit to sign up beginning “Black Friday”, November 27th, 2009 or email support ( @ ) mibutler dot com.

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