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"Political Self Destruction - Commentary by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - “Self destruction, you’re headed for self destruction. Self destruction, you’re headed for self destruction”!

Those are some lyrics from an old school rap song about Black on Black violence but those same words could be used to describe what is going on in politics today.

In Florida, some of the candidates most desired by African American voters have killed or damaged their campaigns by listening to the advice of their devilish political consultants.

So many candidates have chosen to put their few large contributors first and put their hordes of supportive voters last.

Fund raising, or collecting money to pay off satanic consultants and their wicked friends, has overshadowed “friend raising”, using political contributions to motivate and generate votes.

Last time that I looked, people who give hundreds of thousands of dollars and people who give zero dollars had the same clout at the polls, one vote!

This idea of sucking up to the rich and famous, the business and professional associations and the political action committees while ignoring, neglecting and disrespecting the voters will most certainly lead to a campaign that will end up dead in the water!

I wonder what all of the Black politicos who jumped at the chance to endorse Alex Sink for Governor are thinking now that Lawton “Bud” Chiles III is about to enter the race. What are voters thinking now that the attacks on the Black candidates for US Congress and US Senate have stepped up with no real responses from the African American candidates?

Don’t blame the demise of certain campaigns on the alcohol, blame it on the consultants and advisers these candidates hired that didn’t have a clue what should be done to insure victory for Black and progressive candidates.

The sad part about the Black candidates is that they had been winning for years and years with Black political professionals assisting their campaigns but when they got too big for their britches, they couldn’t wait to fire the Blacks and hire closet klansmen to spend their campaign money with.

Yes, at one time Blacks made signs for Black candidates. Blacks produced and placed media for Black candidates. Black-owned newspapers and radio stations helped Black candidates with political advertising. But when whites began to control the campaigns for Black candidates, the brothers and sisters were kicked to the political curb! Black food servers and caterers don’t even cook the chicken and fish served at political rallies these days!

Believe this, when the acid trip is over, the Black candidates will come back to Mother Earth. African Americans will be urged to vote for Black candidates in the days right before the election. Black media owners will be begged to run photos and press releases from Black candidates.

But by Election Day, the political colonialists and carpetbaggers that only want money from Black candidates will have destroyed the Black political campaigns with false promises and the candidates, blinded by their own inferiority issues, won’t even see what happened.

Self destruction, they’re headed for self destruction! Political pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like political fools with their pants on the ground! (Become a fan of The Gantt Report on Facebook and buy Gantt's book "Beast Too: Dead Man Writing" and contact Lucius at

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