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"Alvin Greene, My Kind of Guy - Commentary by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report - Pardon me if I donít get it but I canít understand why so many people are upset because African American Alvin Greene won a Primary Election in South Carolina.

Haters are saying that Greene is mentally deficient but I never saw any psychological test results for Greene. Some say he was thrust into the race by conservative Republicans but I saw no CSI forensic report or any Republican puppet strings dangling from Greeneís neck. Some say he raised no campaign money, but obviously, you donít need money to win some political races.

I say brother Alvin Greene should be applauded! He did a better job in his South Carolina election than most Blacks do in other state elections, Greene won!

Iíve said it once and Iíll say it again, any political candidate that is qualified to run for office is qualified to run for office.

Only God can judge you and only God can judge other individuals.

If desperate people, dumb people, racists, gamblers, adulterers, sexists, homosexuals, thieves and other malcontents were not allowed to seek public office, there wouldnít be a single person in elected office today!

Yes, from my vantage point, Alvin Greene was too smart. How cool is it to beat a host of political puppets, urban carpetbaggers and political party scoundrels in a capitalist society election when you spend nothing and other candidates spend millions?

And, if you hate Alvin Greene because you think he had help and guidance from some white person, you should hate everybody holding a governmental elected position in America.

Perhaps some white benefactor helped Greene financially but whites tell other Black candidates when to run, when to sit and when to roll over.

Itís one thing to seek support from a broad base of voters that include all races, creeds and colors but itís another thing to feel politically inferior. Itís terrible to suggest that African Americans canít qualify for a political race, canít run a campaign, canít generate votes, canít print a campaign sign, canít do a political poll, canít cook campaign rally chicken and fish, can't put a brochure on a wind shield, canít write or print a press release, canít canvass or political precinct or can't design and produce a direct mail piece.

Iím proud of Alvin Greene. I know I may be in the minority but I love Greene much more than I love political traitors to the Black community that run as Black candidates but, in reality, hate Black people and hate working with Black political professionals, hate advertising in Black-owned media and truly hate standing up and speaking out on political issues of important to Black people. (Become a fan of The Gantt Report on Facebook and buy Gantt's book "Beast Too: Dead Man Writing" or contact Lucius at

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