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"No More Doubting Thomas - Commentary by Raynard Jackson"

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raynard2 (8k image)Last week I wrote about the need for Blacks to become more politically sophisticated. Blacks are way too emotional about things they can’t control. We tend to get emotional after the fact, when nothing can be done to change a situation. In politics, it’s far easier to stop something from happing than to modify something after it has happened.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a case in point. When former president Bush nominated Thomas in 1991, radical liberal Black folks went crazy. Groups like the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus called him everything other than a child of God.

What was Thomas’ sin? He dared to think differently than those chosen by the white, liberal media claiming to represent Black folks. It was said that Thomas was not “fit” to replace Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Who could have ever replaced Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King, or Michael Jackson? No one! Justice Marshall was more influential than all three of these people combined. That’s why it was so idiotic for Republicans to attempt to disparage Marshall’s jurisprudence in their attacks on Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan. Attacking Marshall, in the Black community, is akin to liberals attacking Ronald Reagan in conservative circles. Republicans still do not “get it.!” But, I digress.

There is no such thing as a Marshall seat on the Supreme Court. He is IRREPLACABLE. So, as opposed to complaining when a Republican president nominates someone who is not liberal, why do Blacks not do anything when a Democratic president nominates someone who is not “liberal” enough?

Why would a Black liberal expect a Republican president to do something that a Democratic president hasn’t done since former president Lyndon Johnson—put a Black liberal on the Supreme Court?

This is the danger with putting 90 plus percent of your vote in one party. You end up having no influence in either party. The Democrats take your vote for granted because they know you will not vote for the other party and Republicans continue to ignore you.

I helped Clarence Thomas with his confirmation to the Supreme Court. I disagree with most of his court rulings, but he is a very good person—one you definitely want to hang out with on a Friday evening after work.

I don’t understand why people are surprised to find out that I have many good friends who are high level officials within the Obama administration. Everyone knows that I am Republican, but what does that have to do with us being friends?

Why is it that the Jewish community doesn’t vilify a Jewish member of the Supreme Court when they disagree with a particular decision from that member? Or the Hispanic community? Or Females?

Weak people take strong positions on weak issues. Thomas has a lifetime appointment to the court, so in the immortal words of former mayor of D.C., Marion Barry, “get over it.”

Blacks complain when Republicans ignore them and they complain when the Democrats ignore them. But, yet they continue to vote the same way, thereby undercutting their very complaints. Politically, no one fears the Black vote. Therefore they are ignored by everyone.

You have both political parties fighting for the Hispanic vote, but not since the 1960s have you seen a fight for the Black vote. The Hispanic community has one of their own on the Supreme Court and one party with a high-profile fight for amnesty for their community. What is it that Blacks have to show under the Obama administration? Please, I challenge all those in the Black community to name something specific to the Black community.

So, if we hold Obama to the Clarence Thomas standard, he should be called an “uncle tom,” a “sellout,” and not a “real Black man.” Blacks have proven that they can separate the person from their policy (s); so please extend the same courtesy to Justice Clarence Thomas. Whether you agree with his judicial opinions or philosophies is irrelevant.

He has earned the right to be respected by virtue of his life’s accomplishments. So, before Black liberals continue to trash Clarence Thomas, they should apply the same standard they use to let liberals off the hook.

Basically, Democrats are saying to the Black community, you are right; we haven’t done enough for the Black community. Now, go out and make us do something. Blacks don’t have the guts to take a principled stand to “go out and make them do it.”

While I may disagree with Thomas’ court rulings, I have supreme respect for him. I have had the opportunity to be around him in private settings and have seen the real him. He is a great person, NO DOUBT!

Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a D.C.-public relations/government affairs firm. He is also a contributing editor for ExcellStyle Magazine (

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