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"We Don't Need Another Hero - Commentary by Lucius Gantt"

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The Gantt Report
As hard as it may be for some readers to believe, Lucius Gantt is a very spiritual person. I try to attend worship services every Sabbath Day at a little church in North Florida.

Almost every Sunday morning someone feels the need to pray for President Barack Obama and his family. They usually pray for the Presidentís protection.

They donít pray for God to give Obama wisdom, strength or courage. They just donít want anybody to assassinate the nationís beloved leader.

Many, if not most, of the people that supported the election of Barack Obama felt that they were voting for a Messiah. The masses were tired of the wicked and corrupt previous administrations and felt that Obama would be a fairer Commander in Chief.

Jesus, the Biblical Messiah, had a similar situation. The people donít always want a leader to be forthcoming or do the right thing. Most people active in campaigns and elections want jobs. Today and in Biblical days, the poor, exploited, oppressed and neglected masses desire to rise from clerks to supervisors, from assistants to division directors, from representatives to governors and cabinet members.

All I want so-called leaders to do is tell the truth!

The 2010 truth is clear to me. Despite all of the talk about oil spills, Middle Eastern wars and immigration reform, America will never recover from its current economic predicament until the President and other so-called leaders do something about job creation.

America needs jobs. Politicians and persons seeking to become politicians must address the unemployment issue in every city, town and village.

In the United States, if you donít work, you donít eat. If you donít have money to buy things, you do what you have to do to survive and to some that means stealing or taking from someone.

People arenít losing their homes because they are bad borrowers; they are losing homes and businesses because they lost their jobs or their source of income.

America confronted employment issues in the past by building railroads and highways. Job Corps and Conservation Camps were formed. Everything that government could do to put people to work was done.

You can vote for anyone you choose but if you elect a candidate that only wants to self promote, only wants to self anoint and only wants to save his or her seat, so to speak, you will continue to be jobless and hopeless.

The political focus has got to change. The political priorities have to change. The political process has to change to make life better for Americans.

If only our political, and religious, leaders would just tell us the truth about why

we are suffering economically and finding it more and more difficult to obtain and keep a good job.

We donít need another hero all we need is a way to save our homes! Become of fan of The Gantt Report on Facebook. Buy Gantt's book "Beast Too: Dead Man Writing" and contact Lucius at

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