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I enjoy watching Rush Hour 1,2 and 3 movies starring Cris Tucker and Jackie Chan but the recent “Rush Hour 4” episode starring leaders of the NAACP and at least one celebrated Black journalist were shocking and not silly like the theatrical versions.

Leaders of the NAACP and one of my favorite Black journalists rushed to judgment recently by rubber-stamping news reports by devilish media institutions like the Fox News Network that reported wrongful information on an honorable Black woman.

In a speech made years ago, Shirley Sherrod was making a speech that talked in part about her childhood. Mrs. Sherrod’s childhood experiences were shared by many of us and most of America’s Black families.

Sherrod told of how her father was murdered by racists and how crosses were burned in her family’s yard by her wicked, devilish and klan rally attending neighbors.

A conservative blogger in America got hold of a tape of Mrs. Sherrod’s talk, edited the tape and took snippets out of context to create a sound bite that suggested that Mrs. Sherrod, an official with the US Department of Agriculture was assisting rural farmers based on their racial ethnicity.

A rudimentary investigation of the facts by merely listening to Mrs. Sherrod’s complete address revealed that Mrs. Sherrod’s speech was in no way racist.

“It’s not about Black and white,” Mrs. Sherrod explained repeatedly, “it’s about rich and poor, the haves and have not’s.” Mrs. Sherrod was talking about how she had learned from assisting poor white farmers in a part of the South where Black farmers had been exploited, oppressed and murdered by racist haters.

Since Fox News and the idiots that believe everything they see and hear on Fox news falsely labeled Mrs. Sherrod, Mrs. Sherrod has been fired, offered a job promotion and apologized to.

Blacks that rushed to judgment and were happy to join Fox News in bashing the Black political appointee afterwards said they were “snookered” by Fox News reports.

They weren’t tricked. Mrs. Sherrod denied the news message instantly and told everyone that her message had been cut and pasted, so to speak. But some Negro organization leaders and some prominent Black journalists chose to disbelieve the Black woman and to believe Fox media clowns like Bill O’Reilly who had earlier falsely claimed in news reports that members of the New Black Panther Party were at polling places in America wielding guns telling voters whom to vote for.

Both stories broadcasted were lies and too many of our so-called leading Black journalists, organization leaders and politicians sucked the lying stories up like a powder freak sucks up lines of cocaine!

If you didn’t like the news and views of Black owned media reporters and columnists back then, you should love your Black newspapers and radio and TV stations now.

Instead of hating strong Black journalists and calling them inferior because they don’t work for morning talk shows or racist news networks, fearless Black journalists that investigate and seek the facts before running to get in front of a TV camera with evil minded reporters should be applauded and appreciated.

I’m not going to comment about the involvement of the Obama White House in the quick and wrongful firing of Mrs. Sherrod except to say that Obama is surrounded by media and political advisors that claim to love the President but really love conservative white media members more.

The White House staff takes their time when investigating issues of importance involving white appointees and issues of interest to white but the White House, the white media and the Black media puppets whites control do the “Rush Hour” when something comes out about honest, loyal and respectful Back government employees. They rush to judgment! (become a fan of The Gantt Report on Facebook. Buy Gantt's book "Beast Too: Dead Man Writing' and contact Lucius at

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