Tea Party Members and Special Interest Money

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

By Chuck Hobbs, Esqq. – “Enough dollars make sense, while you ride the bench…catch me swinging for the fence…” Dead Presidents–Jay-Z. For the unfamiliar, the phrase “dead presidents” long has been urban slang for money, referencing the presidents that adorn American currency. In this instance, members of Congress elected last year under the Tea Party [...]

Death of the Birther Movement

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

By Chuch Hobbs – Kudos to President Obama for issuing his birth certificate for all to see and inspect. When I first read the news I laughed out loud, thinking that the president finally got fed up with the “Birthers” who remain convinced that he was born in either Kenya or Indonesia, and lest we [...]

President Obama Fights Back

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

Chuck Hobbs, Esq. – Thank you, Mr. President, for regaining your swagger—perhaps, to you, it was never lost. What pleases me is Mr. Obama’s willingness in recent weeks to bluntly speak about issues regardless of who he ticks off. This new found fight is interesting when one considers that if Republican attacks on his policies [...]

Social Engineering Gone Wrong

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

Chuck Hobbs – As a long time supporter of increased diversity based on merit and merit alone, I find the U. S. Justice Department’s decision to recommend that the city of Dayton Ohio lower test passage rates to attract more Black police officers disturbing. Originally, Dayton Police applicants had to score 66% on one segment [...]

Obama Depicted as a Monkey

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

For those who scoff at the idea of multicultural education consider this: Orange County Republican Executive Committee member and Tea Party activist Marilyn Davenport recently circulated an email depicting President Obama as a baby chimpanzee. Astonishingly, when civil rights organizations called for her resignation, Davenport claimed ignorance of the racist overtones, stating that she simply [...]

Arizona Birther Bill

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

By Chuck Hobbs – Just when the amount of terrible news from Arizona was beginning to wane, Arizona State Senator Carl Peel has thrust the Grand Canyon state back into negative headlines for a bill that would require presidential candidates to produce proof of natural birth in the United States to be placed on Arizona’s [...]

Politically Speaking: Am I My Brother’s Keeper

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

By Chuck Hobbs, Esq – This week, conservative radio host Glenn Beck ripped President Obama’s alleged lack of belief in “American Exceptionalism” while deriding the president as a “better salvation Utopian Marxist in the White House.” While considering Beck’s hyperbole, the phrase “Utopian Marxist” troubles me. While I am somewhat immune to the overuse (or [...]

Donald Trump for President?

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

By Chuck Hobbs – At what point do we, the people, tire of celebrity political candidates? This week, former Olympian Carl Lewis announced that he is running for the U. S. Senate in New Jersey. On the right, Donald Trump continues to garner headlines for fueling the “Birther” fanatics–those who believe President Obama to be [...]

The GOP’s Diversity Issues

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

By Chuck Hobbs – As Census results pour in, it is becoming clear that the nation’s largest minority, Hispanics, are registering in greater numbers as Democrats. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, whose wife, Columba, is Mexican, routinely implores Republican leaders to develop strategies to attract more Hispanic voters. Good luck. What Republicans have with respect [...]

President Obama: Disengaged or Behind the Scenes Leader?

Chuch Hobbs, Esq.

By Chuck Hobbs – President Obama draws frequent criticism from Republicans and even some Democrats for being “disengaged.” A clear example of this was the bashing he took from a number of right wing pundits for being “on vacation” in Brazil while U.S. Warplanes struck Libya two weeks ago. Or the cries of “aloof” when [...]

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